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This site is dedicated to Royal Ranger Ministry.  For me the ministry begins when we leave the walls of the church.


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                                                                                                       Why Camping by Johnnie Barnes

Master Plan 1995 Story of What God has done in my life. 16 meg zipped mp3 file

My Altar Call

My wood shop update 2019


The Center of the Bible  (if this doesn't play get a free power point view to view it)

The Camping Song my Favorite Song of all time by Jackie Blavette!       Progressive Church dot com We should know better!!!!

Silly Songs by Jim Doughtery 75 meg    Slideshow 2018 of So. MO. District Royal Rangers 9 minutes

District Slideshow of Royal Rangers 2018 3 minutes

Official Websites of Southern Missouri and the National Royal Rangers Links

District Southern Missouri Royal Rangers Website                  National Royal Rangers Website                     Southern Missouri FCF Website       Gulf Region Website

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Review this cut n chop training every Pow Wow. It's good to go back and review this each year.


Southern Missouri District, SW Division, Springfield Sections Calendars can be found below!  Holler if you find a error!

Current Calendar.Text View in pdf format          Current Calendar  3- collm. Text View PDF         Current Calendar in Month View   Outpost 167 Calendar

Calendars  Revised 03-19-2020

2020 Calendars!!!!  Are you READY!  Plan today for tomorrow! 


Pictures and Other Royal Ranger Websites I am a kin to.

Ranger Chat   Ranger Chat Old   

Southern Missouri RR History Pictures

Founder of Royal Rangers Memorial  

03-23-2020 Name Scroll Saw Work   03-10-2020 Lazy Susan Project

03-18-2020 The Badge Beast     03-07-2020 Cardboard Score!   02-21-2020 Big Bat Cave Campout   02-08-2020 Cross Project   

01-24-2020 FCF SWD Winter Lockin  12-06-2019 Commander and Spouse Retreat in Branson  

11-30-2019 Cave Creek and Alum Cove Day Hike

11-15-2019 Bowers Hallow Falls Backpack   10-19-2019  FCF Fall Trek Leadmine         09-20-2019 FCF Fall Trace

09-06-2019 Hebron Float Trip   08-24-2019 SWD Ranger Kids Daycamp   08-17-2019 Beaver Creek Fish and Float  

07-26-2019 Wet and Wild Cardboard Boat Regatta  07-15-2019 Regatta Boat Builds  06-20-2019 Backpacking Action Camp (BAC)

06-06-2019 So. MO District Royal Ranger Pow Wow  05-17-2019 Frontier Adventure  04-28-2019 Rocket Launch       04-27-2019  Buffalo River Float

04-12-2019 Hercules Glades Backpacking  03-25-2019 SWD Ranger Derby   03-15-2019 Eye of the Needle Backpack

03-09-2019 Amber Falls Day Hike   03-02-2019 Ranger Derby Springfield Sections     02-26-2019 So. MO Dist.  FCF Exec Meeting    

02-01-2019 Bat Cave Camp Out  01-25-2019 FCF SWD Winter Lockin  12-15-2018 Hideout Hallow Falls Day Hike   12-07-2018 Commander Spouse Retreat

11-17-2018 Richland Creek Backpacking Trip   10-27-2018 Hercules Glades devils Den Backpack B   10-20-2018 FCF Fall TREK  

09-21-2018 FCF Fall Trace at Bloomfield  09-14-2018 Compton  

Top Down Backpacking Trip   08-18-2018 Ranger Kid Day Camp    09-10-2018 Cardboard Boat Regatta    

07-14-2018 Cardboard Boat Build Regatta   07-01-2018 Beaver Creek Sunday Float    06-22-2018 Beaver Creek Float and Fish

06-14-2018 Alaska Pathfinder Trip  06-07-2018 So. MO District Pow Wow  05-19-2018 FCF Frontier Adventure  05-04-2018 District Work Week   2018 SE Division Jamboree

04-21-2018 Evangel Temple Backpacking Trip    04-20-2018 SAC Survival Action Camp    03-24-2018 SWD Ranger Derby Racing

03-16-2018 Hercules Glades Backpack   03-03-2017 Springfield Sections Ranger Derby Race   02-24-2018 Ranger Derby Outpost 6

02-10-2018 LEAD   02-03-2018 Haversacks  01-26-2018 Bat Cave Campout  01-19-2018 FCF Winter Outing  12-15-2017 Centerpoint Big Bluff Backpack

 12-01-2017 Commander and Spouse Christmas Party   11-24-2017 Hercules Glades devils Den Backpack   11-18-2017 Richland Creek Backpack

11-03-2017 Batchman 50 Eye of the Needle Backpack and Day Hike Bottom UP! 10-28-2017 Ranger Essentials

10-21-2017 Compton Bench Day Hike   09-22-2017 FCF Fall Trace  09-15-2017 Magnolia Falls Backpacking Trip   09-10-2017 Beaver Creek Float and Fish    

09-09-2017 Dad's and Lads at Camp Wakonda   08-25-2017 Kyles to Jumping Cliffs Backpack and Tube Float

2017 Fish Trip to Beaver Creek      08-18-2017 Ranger Kids Day camp      2017 SWD Pow Wow and Cardboard Boat Regatta   07 -27-29-2017 SSAC Shooters Camp  

 07-22-2017 Beaver Creek Float   JLDA 7-14-2017      BAC Backpacking Action Camp 07-06-2017

06-30-2017 Hebron to Twin Bridge Camp and Float       06-24-2017 Beaver Creek 1 mile float.  06-22-2017 Lead Mine Car Camping and Shooting Range  

 06-27-2017 Flat Creek Float   2017 So. MO District Pow Wow

05-29-2017 Grand Canyon Backpacking week Trip  05-19-2017 Frontier Adventure/Spring Outing  05-01-2017 Eagle Rock High Ropes

 04-28-2017 Work Week   04-14-2017 Easter Weekend Backpack and Float   04-07-2017 Commanders Conference  

 03-31-2017 Sam's Throne Rappel and campout.   03-25-2017 South West Division Ranger Derby Race   03-21-2017 Zenith Climbing Gym

03-18-2017 LEAD   03-03-2017 Springfield N and S Sections Ranger Derby Race    02-25-2017 Outpost 6 Ranger Derby Race

02-17-2017 Compton  to Benchtop Cabin Bushwack  02-11-2017 Ranger Derby Crafting   01-27-2017 Big Batcave Campout

01-20-2017 FCF Winter Outing   01-12-2017 Lead Mine Conservation Area   12-31-2016 Sneeds Creek Day hike 12-09-2016 Woodworking Merit   

12-02-2016 Commander and Spouse Retreat in Branson.

11- 25-2016 Richland Creek Fall Trip 11-20-2016 Grace Community RR Fund Raiser  

11-13-2016 Paddy Creek Backpack Monday and Tuesday

10-28-2016 Eye of the Needle Top Down Backpack  10-08-2016 Thundering Canyon Falls Backpacking Trip 09-24-2016 Bradleyville Float Trip

09-16-2016 FCF Fall Trace  09-09-2016 NRMC   09-02-2016 Richland Creek Hike and Swim and Camp

08-27-2016 Finley River Float   08-25-2016 Dads and Lads   08-20-2016 SWD Ranger Kids Day Camp 

08-13-2016 Gasconaid Float Trip  08-05-2016 SWD Regatta and Pow Wow

 07-17- 2016 Camporama    07-08-2016 North Fork of the White River Float

06-18-2016 Marshall and Sam's Wedding   06-15- 2016 Brown Branch to Bradleyville Float

06-10-2016 Jumping Cliffs Backpack   06-02-2016 Pow Wow So. Mo District

 04-30-2016 Survival Campout at Sandstone Ridge   04-14-2016 Magnolia Falls Backpack

04-10-2016 Dine and Derby   04-08-2016 Southern Missouri District Commanders Conference

04-05-2016 SWD Ranger Derby Race   03-25-2016 Center Point Trail Goat Trail

03-05-2016 Spfd Sections Ranger Derby Races  02-27-2016 Ranger Derby Race Outpost 6   02-19-2016 Compton to Steelcreek Backpack

01-13-2016 Ranger Derby Crafting   01-29-2016 Bat Cave Campout      01-22-2016 SW Div FCF Winter Outing.  01-15-2016 FCF NW Div. Winter Outing

2016 Jan 9th, 2016 Freeze if you Please 25 miler backpack 12-11-2015   Cecil Cove Backpack 11-14-2015  Bowers Hollow Falls Backpack 11-06-2015

10-24-2015 Territorial Rendezvous        Eye of the Needle Top Down 10-16,18-2015   Hercules Glades Coy Bald Backpack 10-02-2015

2015 SWD Pow Wow and Card Board Boat Regatta  2015 Cardboard Boat Building   2015 Backpacking Action Camp BAC 

07-04-2015 July 4th Float on Swan Creek  2015 FCF Frontier Adventure 06-27-2015   Junior Leaders Shooters Camp 06-18-2015

2015 Pow Wow  05-08-10-2015 Marshall Bday Backpack 04-30-2015 Finely River Evening Float

04-11-2015 Survival Campout at Sandstone Ridge   04-03-2015 Easter Backpack and Float   03-12-2015 SWD Ranger Derby

 03-20-2015 Sam's Throne Rappel and Campout.  03-15-2015 Compton Top Down Backpack

03-06-2015 Springfield Sections Ranger Derby Busiek February 20th-21st Winter Freeze if you please Campout  Jan 30th Big Batcave Campout

Winter Outings Dec 23rd, 2015   Hideout Hallow Day hike Jan 3rd, 2015  Richland Creek Backpack 2014 Dec 20th -21st  Hinge Template 2014

Nov 14th 2014 Boxley 25 miler  2014 Halloween Fire  2014 October 29th Richland Creek Day Hike

2014 October 10th Hercules Glades Wet Bacpack  2014 September Eye of the Needle Top Down Backpack  2014 FCF Fall Trace    Rangermobile Race 2014

2014 SW Division Cardboard Boat Regatta   2014 Ranger Kids Day Camp

  2014 Buffalo River Float Tyler Bend to Gilbert  2014 FCF National Rendezvous  2014 North Fork of the White River  2014 District Pow Wow 

2014 June 19th CAC JLTA   2014 Family Vacation   2014 May COA GMA Ceremony  2014 Compton top Down May 9th Bday Trip

2014 Backpack and Float on the Buffalo River April  18th     2014 April 5th Survival Campout  2014 SW Division Ranger Derby

 2014 Thundering Canyon Falls  Sam's Throne March 14th-15th rappelling camping event

2014 Compton Backpack 2014 Big Bat Cave Campout

 2014 FCF Winter Lockin    Boxley to Ponca 01-03-2014 Backpack 11 miles 1 nights  2013 Pedistal Rocks 12-20,21-2013 It was a WET Backpack but worth it!

2013 Busiek Freeze if you please Backpack   2013 Timber Trips    Pedestal Rocks State Park Backpack and Day hike Nov 8th -9th, 2013  2013 Aviation Merit

Compton Backpack  and Day hike to the Top of Hemmend in Hollow Falls 10-18-2013  2013 Hercules Glades Backpack to devils den

2013 FCF Fall Trace  2013 Ranger Mobile Races   2013 Ranger Kids Day Camp 2013 SWD Pow Wow and Cardboard Boat Regatta 

 2013 Float North Fork of the White River   2013 BAC Junior Training Tails  2013 District Royal Ranger Pow Wow  

Finley River Float from Ozark Dam to River Dale Dam 5" of rain fell!

  Finley River Float Trip May 21, 2013    May 17th - 18th, FCF SW Division Spring Outing   Sam's Throne Campout and Rappell April 5th - 6th 2013   SW Division Ranger Derby March 23rd, 2013   

Eye of The Needle Top down Backpack March 15-16, 2013   March 9th Float Trip on Buffalo River    Derby Promo 44 meg Video    Derby Crafting February 16th    Sandstone Castles February 16th-17 

Paintbooth 2013   A Reminder to be safe    Coybald Day trip 02-02-2013  FCF Winter Lockin 2013 Jan 18th-19th Life 360 Church.

Big Bat Cave Campout January 11th-12th, 2013  25 mile backpack from Steel Creek to Pruit on the Buffalo National River in Arkansas  December 21st - 23rd, 2012  Unibox Timber Trip Page  

November Saturday - Sunday 17th 18th Bowers Hallow Falls Backpack  October 26th-27th  Erbie Backpack    2012 Pedestal Rocks Backpack  2012Fall Trace  2012 Rangermobile Race

2012 Sawbuck and Ranger Annex Pictures   2012 devils Den Backpack   2012 Ranger Kids Day Camp 

SWD Pow Wow and Cardboard Boat Regatta    Cardboard Boat Design Tips   Camporama 2012   Junior Canoe Expedition JCE        

 Pow Wow 2012     BB Gun Campout 2012 Springfield Sections April 27th, 28th.   Swedish Fire Torch 2012     

Sam's Throne Rappel March 16th and 17th 2012   Springfield Sections Ranger Derby Race Feb 25th, 2012

2012 Springfield Sections Ranger Derby Crafting   Bat Cave Campout January 20th, 21st, 2012  2011 Hercules Glades Blair Ridge Bushwack

Richland Creek Backpack December 10th-11th, 2011  Hercules Glades Backpack and Day hike 11-11-2011

  Thundering Canyon Falls Backpack and Hike 2011 October 7th and 8th

 FCF Fall Trace 2011   2011 FCF Territorial   Dads and Lads 2011  RKTC 2011 in Spirngfield Missouri   Ranger Kid Day Camp August 20th 2011  

 SW Division Card Board Boat Regatta 2011    Merit Camp 2011   JLTA 2011    

 JTT 2011  2011 FCF Frontier Adventure  2011 District Pow Wow     FCF SWD Springouting

Derby Days with Four Schools   2011 Ranger Mobile Race at Tri Lakes     2011 Dayspring Day at the Park  

2011 Bowers Hollow Falls Backpack  SW Division Ranger Derby 2011       2011 Herculies Glades Devils Den Backpack

2011 Spfd Sections Ranger Derby Race Sections      2011 Ranger Derby Crafting    2011 SWD FCF Winter Lockin    2011 Engelwood FCF  

Ranger Derby Promovideo on Youtube   Bat Cave Campout 2011   Thunder Canyon Falls Backpack Nov 19th, 2010

 2010 Eye of the Needle Top Down Backpack    2010 FCF Fall Trace      2010 Ranger Kids Day Camp NW Div 

2010 Ranger Kids Day Camp Report      SW Division Pow Wow and Card Board Boat Regatta 2010   2010 JLTA Camp Pictures and Report

2010 JCE at 11 point River  2010 Finely River Float  2010 So. Missouri District Pow Wow  1000 men Friends of Ranger Raise Funds for Pow Wow

2010 Frontier Adventure    Pow Wow Crafting Event at Outpost 6   Buffalo River Float Trip Campout "Take 2"     Boone Farm Outing 2010

  Rangermobile Race 2010 Pictures   2010 Commanders Conference Photos  2010 SW Division Ranger Derby Race  

Devils Den Backpack March 12th -13th    Springfield Sections Pinewood Derby Race 03-06-2010     Paint Your Friends Paint Ball Campout 02-26-2010

Springfield Sections Pinewood Derby Crafting Lockin  Sam's Throne Backpack and Campout 2010    2010 FCF NESE Winter Lockin    2010 The Big Bat Cave Campout

2009 Winter Backpack to the Eye of the Needle  2009 Buffalo River Kayak   2009 Territorial Rendezvous in So. MO.    2009 Goat Trail Backkpack

2009 FCF Fall Trace 2009  2009 SW Div Ranger Kids Day camp

 2009 Card Board Boat Regatta and SW Division Pow Wow   2009 JTT   2009 So. Mo District FCF Frontier Adventure 

2009 Southern Missouri District Pow Wow  2009 Pow Wow New Gym  2009 NE DIV FCF Spring Outing

2009 Education Building GYM 2009 FCF SW Division Spring Outing  2009 FCF NW Division Spring Outing  2009 Springfield Sections Ranger Mobile Race

2009 LTA Campout SW Division  2009 Eye of the Needle Backpack  2009 Talking Rocks Rappelling   2009 Ponca to Kyles Backpack   2009 Bow Drill Fire Page

2009 March 14th Eye of the Needle  March 7th Southwest Division Pinewood Derby Race   2009 Springfield Sections Pinewood Derby Race  Sam's Throne Campout

2009 Big Bat Cave Campout   A blast from the Past   2009 FCF NW Division Winter Ouitng  Candles for the Big Bat Cave    2009 LTA Training at the Ranger Annex

2009 FCF NE and SE Division Winter Outing   2009 FCF SWD Winter Outing   Attic Lift 2009  2008 Springfield Sections Pinewood Derby Crafting Lockin  12-12-2008

Pinewood Derby Paint Curing Box   Extreme Sports Video   Cedar Fort by Marshall Jones    Peer Season Paintball Campout Nov.14th-15th   2008 Richland Creek Fall Backpack

2008 ROTY So. MO District   2008 ROTY Springfield Sections  2008 NRA Small Bore   2008 FCF Fall Trace    2008 NW Division Merit Camp   2008 JLTA

2008 Cardboard Regatta and SW Div  Pow Wow   2008 Rendezvous    JCE 2008 Float Trip    2008 Pow Wow  Pioneering Merit Pictures   FCF Frontier Adventure 2008

2008 LTA Campout RK Skills  2008 Commanders Conference   2008 Richland Creek Backpack   Various Facades from over the years 1999 - 2005

2008 Ranger Mobile Race   2008 Busiek Winter Backpack  2008 Springfield Sections Pinewood Derby Race   2008 Bowers Hallow Falls Buffalo River

 2008 FCF Winter Outing NW Div2008 FCF Winter Outings   2008 Tanning Deer Hide   2007Pinewood Derby Lockin     2007 Basic DTC / JTC Lockin  2007 FCF Teritoral  

 2007 Devils Den Backpack and Hike 

2007 Ranger Basics at the Annex  2007 Ranger of the Year Section Evaluations

  2007 FCF Fall Trace   2007 SWD Ranger Kids Day Camp  I shot a Bear!   2007 Card Board Boat Regatta and Pow Wow   2007 Merit Camp

   2007 Buffalo River Trail Backpack    2007 Wonders of Wildlife Fishing Trip   Pow Wow 2007 Southern Missouri District

2007 NE/SE Division FCF Spring Outing   2007 SW Division  FCF Daniel Boone Chapter Springing Outing   2007 NW Division  FCF Daniel Boone Chapter Springing Outing 

Red Compass Merit Bearings Corrected  2007 Rangermobile Race at Trilakes      2007 SW Division Pinewood Derby Race

2007 Springfield Sections Pinewood Derby Race   2007 Gulf Region ROTY and Seminar Pictures   FCFneseDivWinterTrace Report    FCFnwDivWinterTrace

The Big Bat Cave 2007   Moccasin   2006 Pinewood Crafting Lockin    2006 Pow Wow Maintainance Building  2006 Devils Den Backpack River Run  2006 ROTY District

2006 ROTY Springfield North and South and Joplin and West Plains Sections  2006 FCF Fall Trace at Laut Farm

   2006 SW Division Ranger Kids Day Camp     2006 Advancement Academy

2006 Card Board Boat Regatta  Tent Cabela     CampORama 2006      Air Conditioner Portable    Strafford Parade    Pow Wow 2006 Southern Missouri District Pictures

FCF Spring Outing May 19th - 20th, 2006  NE Division RK Day Camp May 6th  2006 So. Mo Commanders Conference   2006 Ranger Mobile Race   My wife the Sky Diver!

2006 SW Division Pinewood Derby Race Pictures   ICS Training 2006 Rolla Missouri  2006 Springfield Sections Pinewood Derby Races Pictures  

Gulf Region ROTY and Leaders Seminar  

FCF SE NE Div FCF Winter Outing   FCF SWD Winter Outing     2006 Big Bat Cave Campout  2006 FCF Executive Committee Meeting Pictures

2005 Pinewood Derby Crafting Lockin  2005 Basic DTC Lockin   2005 Hercules2 Glades Backpack   2005 ROTY District Evaluation  2005-2006 Campground Improvements October  

 2005 Merit Workshop in Spfd Missouri   2005 Hercules Glades Backpack  2005 ROTY Springfield - West Plains Sections 

 FCF District Fall Trace 2005 So. Mo Dist. Sandstone Ridge    SW Division 2005 Ranger Kids Day Camp    ANTC Eagle Rock Pictures will be here tonight! 09-12-2005

2005 WET n' WILD Card Board Regatta  2005 Southern Missouri Advancement Camp 

 2005 Buffalo River Trail  2005 Southern Missouri District  Pow Wow Pictures  2005 GMA at Republic AOG 2005 Ranger Mobile Race Results and Pictures 

2005 Ranger Mobile Race Video 7 minutes 280 meg mp4 file  RangerMobilePlansPDF      2005 So.MO.Dist.Commanders Conference

2005 LTA Campout and RK Training Camp 2005 South West Division Pinewood Derby Pictures  2005 South West Division Pinewood Derby Video 60 meg 14 minutes

2005 Pinewood South West Division Race Results 2005 Springfield North and South Section Pinewood Derby at Nixa AOG  

2005  Spfd Sections  North Section Pinewood  Race Results    2005 Spfd Sections South Section Race Results

Visit our Springfield South Sectional Website       The Big Bat Cave 2001  The Big Bat Cave 2005

    SW Div. LTA Campout 2003 My Past Websites    GMA at Lebanon AOG     ROTYsec2003

GMA Parkcrest Christmas Parade Float Pictures  Gulf Region ROY  RangerMobile2002  2001 Float Christmas

So. MO District Pow Wow 2003  Card Board Boat Regatta 2002 Pictures

Card Board Boat Regatta 2003 Pictures  Germany Rangers Homemade Rafting 

SW Div Ranger Kids and Pow Wow Pictures  Outpost 153 Herculies Glades Backpack

ICS in Rolla 2004   Pinewood Derby Crafting 2004  Pinewood N/S Sections Race 2004

Pinewood Derby Track Plans   Fire starter Instructions   First Aid Check off pdf   Climbing Wall Plans

 I would like to help!    SW Division Pinewood Derby Race Results 2004  SW Div Pinewood Race Pictures       Survival Campout 2004

Work Week 2004 Pow Wow Facade and shower house  FCF Spring Outing Pictures 2004

Pow Wow So. Mo District 2004  FCF National at Eagle Rock Rondevous 2004     2004 Card Board Boat Regatta Pictures

2004 Ranger Kids Day Camp Pictures  2004 Ranger Kids Day Camp MPG 152 MEG Download

Marshall's Tree House     Our Troops in IRAQ  Council Fire Lighting Ideas

Busiek Backpack 2004     ROTYSection2004   ROTYDistrict2004  2004 Pinewood  Derby Crafting Lockin Pictures  Older  Past Websites

The Big Bat 2001 Cave      Pagents and Facades and Themes  FCF Family Camp in Texas 

 Pinewood Derby  or  Ranger Derby Car Templates  Ranger Derby Pinewood Derby Cars Ideas  Ranger Derby Kit Template with Gage

Slides of Kenny and Ilene Jones

Free Software I have designed and compiled.  Ranger database Link is at top of page.

MAC Ranger Database Solution 10-29-2015  Just copy it to a folder and run it from there.

                                                                                                                                                                             Video Help Files how to Use the Program

Orienteering and Control Codes Program dated: Windows 10.1  11-11-2017  33 meg in size.  This creates a Control code Sheet for your Orienteering Course along with Names.

 Windows 10  Royal Ranger Mouse Cursor just save this on your computer.  Then pull up mouse settings in your computer and browse to where you downloaded and unziped this ranger.ani file and apply it.

Free Paycheck Program  Updated 11-04-2008  11 meg Download size.   A paycheck calculating  program.  Day by Day! 

Free Trip Tracker Program.  10 meg Download size.   A Trip Tracking Program as you go just log your receipts and mileage.

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