Sam's Throne by Mount Judea (Judy) Arkansas.  02-19-2009 Over night campout.

7 Royal Rangers head out to a over night campout to Sam's Throne.  A popular Rock Climbing and Rappelling spot in Arkansas.

The weather forecast was 40% chance of rain.  Lows in the upper 30 degrees.   So most of the others just stayed home.  We took 2 vehicles and along the way went through a state police pull over and registration and insurance was looked at.  There were at least 15 vehicles that were pulled over some handcuffed and others wishing they were living the Godly life we live with no worries of what the world offers.  Drugs and alcohol.  We left that mess and spiraled up the winding drive to Sam's Throne.  Wow!  We were the only ones there!!!!  A recent ice storm had took the tops off of almost all the trees and there were big trees down everywhere.  We camped and fellowshipped around the Big fire and went to bed around 11pm.  It rained lightly through the night and some great wind puffs from time to time and we awoke to a few snow flakes. Then the rest of the day the weather just was perfect.  The big fire kept us warm and allowed bacon and eggs, French toast, MRE's and biscuits.  YUM!   About 9:45 we headed out for a hike.  We hiked out to the end of the bluffs and walked around the boys were all given a 5' rule.  No one closer than 5 feet from the edge. 

We visited the rappelling sight and examined the trees and the cliff.  Right next to it was the catacomb a path through the giant sandstone rocks where one climbs down from level to level from rock to rock then through a little cave to the bottom of the cliff.  Wow! What a neat thing to do.  The size of these rocks makes one feel very humble.  Along the bottom of the cliff we explored the big cracks and had some fun boldering and climbing.  At one point one of the older boys and his Dad went back into a opening and came out the other side it was cool to watch as they worked their way through. 

The icestorm had covered the trail with down trees so we did some bushwacking over to the Throne.  There we walked around the backside to another climbable crack to the top of Sam's Throne.  What a view and not a soul in site.  We did see a eagle soaring high and the gentle sun was warming the gusty air.  After a little while on the throne we then returned back the way we came passing 1 cross with a boys name on it and a plaque with a 40 year olds name on it (both involved in HIGH ACTION Climbing accidents years back) then back to the catacombs.  Then climbing back up through the cave then up a few levels and then out we come at the top of the cliff.  Camp was welcoming us back and the fire was quickly rekindled for lunch.  Time passes so quickly and it was time to return back to Springfield.  So during the daylight this time we then went back down the switchbacked highway and had a grand view of the surronding boston mountain range.  This place is cool.  I over heard the boys saying. This was the best hike they had ever been on.  Others I over heard on the phone when calling his best bud.  Man you gotta see this place. 

Were going back.  This time hoping it will be months instead of years latter.   Places like this really make one see the mighty majesity of God's creative hand.  Wow.

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Campfire Ahhh!

Bacon and eggs and bisquits and the fixings. YUM!

Pull up a log and make yourself comftrable

Tent camping and we survived!

How many pieces of French Toast do you want?

Spam. You gotta love it or not!

Car camping youth style

Behind us is Sam's Throne were going there


Climbing down the catacomb

Our elevator shaft from top to bottom!

Rob being funny. Get a picture of me like I fell off that rock...

Ok put your hands on Sam's Throne...but ..but we want to go on top..oooh ok. GRIN!

You need one of these. Backpack Nissan Thermos.