Outposts 6 and 153 join together to work on a Backpacking Merit.  Hercules Glades is just east of Branson, Missouri about 20 miles and a hours drive from Springfield.  The Glades offer a lot of ground to cover and the loop system makes it extremely easy to hike.  We enjoyed a 6 mile trip.  Only 1 mile in and 1 mile out and 4 miles of day hiking.  We had a great time.  10-15-2005.

We ran across a few friends while we were down there.  This trantulia was a neat visitor and the scorpion had our attention.  We found a empty turtle shell (will make FCF item of it) and a live one.  All the cirters were un harmed and we enjoyed their presence.  The crawdads were fun to catch!  Ouch when one pinched one of the boys. 

The beef jerky was fun and was very tasty.  I think the boys maybe had 2 hours of sleep... but when they were on their way home...each was snoozing on the trip back. 

Smoking Jerky

8am up and adam

Cool more fire



Will he bite?

Big Boy

Little Scorpiion

He is there

Scorpions are so cute and so poisionious

Turtle and Austin

My son Marshall

River and boys!

Crawl Dad City

Rob Batchman Hiker Dude!

Rob Batchman


Comfort city!

Comfort setting Hard Rock

Walking Stick!


Nothin like camping

Fire Craft 101

Yum Jerky!

Guess Who!

Merit Class Time

Can I come home with you?

Will he bite?

1 mile marker

River Fun

87 degrees we gotta get wet!

Group Shot

Trail time

Turtle Heaven

Over Hang!

Cedar Bark and Metal Match

Ahh! Resting on Rock! Nutten Better!

Look Mom no Matches

Rock Nap City

Naping with a walking stick

Look Close he is the size of a quarter