Southern Missouri District Pow Wow 2007.  626 registered, 47 saved and 27 filled with the Holy Ghost.  Exploring God's Universe was the theme.  A few shots from various aspects of pow wow life.  Thanks to those that donated the pictures.  Central AOG Outpost 6 took the over all Big Trophy with Eldon AOG a close second!  So many prizes and awards were given out I can't remember them all!  YOU ALL ARE TOPS!  Thanks for your part in this years Pow Wow!

Rockafellow Pictures taken from Outpost 97

McHaffie Pictures taken of Pow Wow by N. McHaffie

Jones Pictures taken by Mark Jones of Outpost 6

FCF Callout

Saturday Morning Assembly

Sunday Morning Sunday School and Closing Ceremony

Other Donated Pictures from various outposts! Thanks!

Root beer barrel was donated by Lebanon Walnut Bowls.  Thanks for your donation!