Springfield North and South and West Plains Sections joined together to host a ROTY Event, October 8th, 2005

We had 29 boys signed up and 20 made it to the event.  We recognized these boys and young men for their good work this past year and presented them a really nice looking medallion and certificate.  Our Staff of 20 plus Leaders put on a fantastic High Quality Event.  Sectional Commanders Dan Rockafellow and Travis Hendon and Ron Squires put on a great event.  Next year look for a extra BIG Event to draw our boys to ROTY.

We had a great time and ... were....looking forward to next year where we will all be even more READY!

These photo's are optimized for the web.  So if you find a shot you just have to have and want a 3.2 meg picture of it holler.

I praise God for all your help.  Parents, Leaders and those whom care!  Thank You!