Pow Wow Campground.  Maintainance Building!   We started with a slab and worked it up from there.  Trusses were built on site and erected and welded in place.  HEAVY WORK!  Every bone and muscle in my body was yelling hey you stretched me farther than you have in a long time.... was I sore when I got home!  

It's truly amazing what 7 men with God's help can get accomplished in a couple of days.  This building went up square and plumb!  Rumor has it the guy with the hard hat on was thinking ahead most of the time... well some of the time...well ok once when he put on the hard hat!  GRIN!

Keep track of those trapper points and send them in. I can keep them tallied for you.  God is in the blessing business and we are truly blessed!  Click on a picture to get a bigger view!