2009 FCF SW Division Winte

S.W. Division FCF Winter Outing was held on Jan. 9-10-2009 at Park Crest A/g. We had 21 OT members , 18 young buck members, 7 old timer visitors and 21 young buck visitors, a total of 72 people. A great turn out. We had 15 gallons of beef stew, 29 dozen eggs, pancakes, sausage and hamburgers for meals. The boys and men made hawk and knife covers along with some possible bags. Some practiced the hawk and knife outside in the cold, and some played checkers.

There were 10 brave souls that stayed outside in the rain, cold and some snow. Brian Rossignal a CBC grad. And the Discovery comm. Gave our Fri. evening Devotion and challenged use all to stay steadfast to the LORD. Through this 6 young boys came up for salvation, and many others for Prayer for health, and other reasons. Great Job Brian. Sat morning Jeff Carr also a CBC Grad. And the Ranger Kid Comm. Gave us a further challenge to keep moving forward in our spiritual Life. We had great food for our body and Soul. Pastor Jim Dougherty came both Fri. evening and Sat. morning and gave up good kid songs and great gospel songs.

Thank you all for your help and stepping up with all the work you put in to make this a great outing. Thank you Joe Zeh and Aaron for cooking the stew in the dark, and for all of the ones that cooked the meals. You all did GREAT.

Thank you Park Crest for the use of your building and grounds.

Pat Davis FCF. VP.

The weather turned from 65 degrees over night to frozen chosen the next morning.  While the gym hosted a bunch of green horns and old timers a few hardy folk

stayed outside in tents while the wind blew and the rain came and went.  Around 12:30 pm the frozen chosen put out

the camp fire and some went to their tents while others went to the gym for shelter.


Saturday the day was windy and cold yet we had knife and hawk and archery outside and a dozen youngbucks and one

ole timer had a fire going to thaw ourselves out with while hawks and arrows weren't being launched.  Inside the gym

much leather crafting, was going on with boys making leather possibles pouches, sheaths for knives and hawks and belts.

Others were involved in the fine art of spoons.  While others worked deligently to get vittlels ready for the crowd of 70.


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