64 folks attended.  Most of this report is from my outpost point of view.  We had a good time.  More pictures found just after report.


09-22-2017 through 09-24-2017 Temps low of 64 to a high of 92. Sunny and a slight Breeze.   All of these pictures in a Zip file.  Trust me. Down load this file. There are too many to view online!

SW Division hosted the FCF Fall Trace at the McHaffie 4 generation Family Farm near Sparta Missouri.

64 FCF Members spent a weekend of Frontier Fellowship down in a beautiful meadow surrounded by Singing Birds, Cows and a Burro or two. Owls hooting and at night a evening of bright stars.

Outpost 6 had a 2 marquee camp setup. One with a nice waterproof floor held 8 cots and personal gear. The other marquee was our get out of the sun and do crafts during the heat of the day shelter. No sides on that one. The occasional breeze kept the 92 temps from being to hot. I was soaked from head to foot with sweat. We finished just before the dinner bell rang.

Friday nights meal was prepared by Kirk Watson and Phil Riley. We enjoyed pulled pork and tender loin with bread and smoked green beans. Such a blessing after a evening of setting up camp and hearing the sound of the horn as we gathered for a fine supper.

The evening was filled with all kinds of camp visits and things under way.

Mike Pennington (Banjo) and Braydon Link did a fine job on Music and worship. Parson gave the nights message.

Sleeping 8 in a tent can be somewhat disturbing. There is always someone that snores. Well we had 2 someone's that snored and I don't think I got a lick of sleep... but I didn't come to rest up. I came to FCF!

We laughed about the snoring at 7 am.

Saturday morning breakfast in our camp was easy. Sweet Rolls, bacon cooked over the fire and Sunny Delight. Found out a few years back that this breakfast was a pretty good one. Quick and easy and it's hard to ruin bacon. We enjoyed the time around the fire eating meals and talking.

District Scout gave the morning devotion. Rieder Sprague shared his heart and did a good job speaking to our chapter.

Chapter business meeting took place and no scout elections this year. We raised funds for missions giving and took money and pledges towards reaching the lost.

Events of all Frontiersman kinds. Some of the young men  and ole timers competed for prizes while the others worked on Leather craft.

Hawk Throw YB David Evarts 1st place Tanar Breshears 2nd place with Zack Toll 3rd place.

OT Pat Davis (Plainsman)  1st place Ryan Reed (Pike) second place.

Knife Throw YB Brandon Link 1st place. Garret Bevis 2nd place. Tanner Breshears 3rd place.

OT Jim Fringer 1st place. Kevin Ringer 2nd place.

Stump preaching. YB Nathaniel Brinson 1st place Tranner Breashears 2nd place, Ryan Evarts 3rd pl.

OT Bob Triphan (Two Forks) 1st place. Ted King (Choctaw) 2nd place.

Flint and Steel YB Garret Bevis time 8.9 seconds 1st place. David Evarts 11.12 seconds 2nd place and Aaron Ruble with a close time of 14 seconds third place.

OT JR Whinery (Grey Fox) (11.13 seconds 1st place Kevin Fringer 13.2 second place.

Ray Reece (Yarrow) Range Officer over the Black Powder course.  Black Powder YB Ryder Sprage 1st place. Tanner Breshears 2nd place. Garret Bevis 3rd place.

OT Ted King (Choctaw)  1st Place. Kevin Fringer 2nd place.

40 stayed over for Sunday morning service. Doug Laut (Hoot) did a fine job of preaching and inspiring us by the Holy Spirit in a bird singing sunny shaded perfect day outside service.

Mission Offering was close to $2350.00 of that $1400.00 was in pledges.  500.00 went to the Julian Missionary Family and the rest went to RR campground use.

Lunch was fast. Just half of a sub sandwich, frito's, dill pickle, pudding and a apple. So little time and it's hot....learned this kind of meal was a winner as well.

Saturday night was a neat night full of fun and excitement. Laid back. I love this camping ministry. Johnnie Barnes had it right in his article of "Why Camping".

Sunday we broke camp and was back at church unloading and all going home by 12:30. Tents needed some drying time out on the pavement. We folded them after air drying over the tables. Always something else to do. We must get'er done!

Mark Jones Click on a picture for a larger view.  Special Thanks to Keith Prince (Running Fox)  and Noel Bell and Mark Jones and Ryan Reed (Pike) and James McHaffie (Parson) for sharing the pictures.