Below are various photos from the Frontiersman Camping Fellowship Winter Outing held at Englewood Assembly in historic Independence, Missouri.
  Daniel Boone Chapter members of Englewood Assembly did an awesome job hosting this year’s event which featured a magnificent Frontiersman Lodge crafted inside their church. Wildlife, pelts, traps, rifles, lanterns, artwork and just about every other type of frontier accouterment palisades the log cabin walls which are gently warmed by a stone fireplace guarded by a large trophy Elk. Young bucks and old timers alike enjoyed the board games, Deaver paintings, and beadwork as a large LCD displayed a well produced video describing the life of the long rifleman. Needless to say, everyone marveled at the immense amount of frontier skill, craftsmanship and labor on display.
  Many young Rangers were introduced to the FCF for the first time, learning to build all types of crafts including throwing knives, lanterns and leatherwork. David Perkins entertained all with his fanciful guitar playing and artfully etched glass for lanterns and other projects. (Thanks Dave!)
Jim “Two Crows” Allen regaled us with tales from the 1832 Pierre’s Hole Rendezvous (the best attended rendezvous) when Thomas Fitzpatrick, William Sublette and Robert Campbell gathered long ago just down the road in Independence, Missouri. These three left Independence in May of 1832 with a supply train of 35 men, supplies and 300 head of livestock. Go to this website to find out what happened!
Hats off to Keith Prince, Jerry Haines, Fred Lipowicz and everyone else who contributed to a great event, long to be remembered.
in His service,
DJ Hall
RR OP #78 Coordinator
Evangel Assembly of God
Kansas City – Southern Missouri District

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