Springfield North and South Sections Pinewood Derby Race 03-06-2010.  Click on a picture to get a larger view.

Here is a race report:

9 Boys Saved at Sectional PWD

Praise the Lord!  We had 9 boys make first time commitments to the Lord at the Meet the Pastor room at the Sectional Pinewood Derby.  Pastor John from Nixa and Brother Jim did a fine job talking to the boys and girls about Jesus.  It was a great day at Nixa AOG for the Springfield Sectional Pinewood Derby on March 6th.  We had a little delay in getting the track going for the North section, but all problems were solved and all the cars were raced.  We had a special judging crew from our local Army, Navy and Marine recruiting offices.  A big thank you goes out to those serving and those that have served in our military.  We had a nice showing of planes and flying from Central AOG Air Ranger Expedition outpost. They also had a radio control flight simulator for those that wanted to try it out. Along with the paintball target shoot and the dart gun shoot we had a lot of fun.  Nixa did a fine job with the concession stand and provided a delicious lunch.  Be sure to attend the Divisional PWD on March 27th.  See you there.
Dan Rockafellow

South Springfield Section Royal Ranger Director

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Report from a local outpost attending the event by Paul Mark Dayspring Church. 

WOW -E -E -E ,This was s-o-o good for our families; their Rangers and girls -                THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIES to all  who assisted to bring this event about yesterday.  For four to five of our families this was their first time to attend an Ranger; quote: " family bonding event".  One of our( 1st timer) DAD's stated that he sensed the moving in that gym of the Holy Spirit as the gospel was shared with a very visual message with the use of a boy, the track, and a PWD car. ....An aside note: this was brought at a BOY level !! , not an adult watered down message.... two thumbs UP !!  Two of our families are not attending church any where and so this was an Holy Ghost time for them to hear the gospel while at the races. ! !   ............ There is nothing "F - U - N" ER than watching a Ranger Kid race HIS PWD CAR;  jumping  up and down, with a ear - to - ear smile that will not quit as it travels down the track and receives HIS - 1st heat trophy !  Your labor and effort will continue with the memories for them for a long time. Thanks from the families and the Ranger Team at Dayspring, OP # 348, Blessings.  "Question: Commander, How soon are the next races ? !"