September 6th and 7th, 2019.  Hebron camp ground on the North Fork of the White River.  Over night car campout.  5 miles of floating in Kayaks with 6 in attendance.  A high of 89 and a low of 72.  Mostly sunny! 

We had originally scheduled a backpacking trip to the top of Compton Falls.  Brush was to high and the temps were to hot. So we we went with the float trip.  It was a awesome trip.  Great weather and so much great fishing.  In all my years of fishing with Rob this trip took the cake for him fishing and pulling out some of the largest fish I have ever seen on a small river like this.  The boys were all top notch young men and a real blessing to enjoy this river with.  From Floating to Fishing to caving to camping to eating and laughing to rope swings it was all GREAT!  For me "Living the Adventure" is what we did this past weekend in Royal Ranger Ministry.  Sharing the gospel around a campfire and living the life with these young men. 

I was discouraged this week. This is all just my opinion.  I read a article that was about safe guarding the boys and young men we have in our Ranger Ministry.  While all that was said was right on and to the point and all true it left me empty and sad.   My mind took me back some 25 years back at a National convention where we were told to ABSOLUTELY NEVER TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR ROYAL RANGERS and the next speaker that rallied us used some 30 pictures of him as he grew up in Rangers and was a high ranking officer in the military and his point was to show us what we were doing was raising great leaders in Royal Rangers!  My thought at the time was I felt like a termite in a yo yo!  One hand we are told this and the other hand what we were told was over written by a great testimony.   Then again for the past 25 years I have given out over 600 event permission slips and medical releases and information and this past year I was asked for liability reasons not to.   That termite in the yo yo once again has no idea which way is up. 

I am thankful that I worship a God who changes not.  He is the same.  Always the same.  What was good yesterday is still good today. What was bad yesterday is still bad to day.  One thing I know.  If I follow God's Lead and good common sense adhering to some very simple rules load up a bunch of boys and young men and take them on adventure and in all that we do and say pointing them to Jesus Christ and His Church.  That path will lead us in the right direction. 

These young men shared memories they will have for a life time.  Yet my hope is these young men will always look to Jesus and enjoy eternity with Jesus

Click on a picture for a larger view.  Zip file of all these pictures.

Video of the rope swing!  Video of the cave!