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Leather Crafting was his Favorite!

Hawk and Knife Throwing!

Stiching up a Haversack


01-24-2020 FCF SWD Winter Lockin hosted at Ozark AOG. Weather was a cold wintery day with ice and snow on the ground.  Ozark Outpost 167 had largest attendance!  Great Job Ozark!  Trail Traveler, Joshua Pennekamp our SWD VP held the Members and guests attention with all kinds of neat attractions.  The event ran from Friday night 7:00 pm to Saturday about 3 pm.  Ozark AOG did a great job of service.  The outpost worked on their Leadership Service Project by serving at this event.  They setup, cooked, served and then did the clean up.  They were busy along with the rest of the folk doing all kinds of neat Frontiersman Activities.  This outpost hopes to have a dozen boys going into FCF this year.  

To name a few of the crafting sessions that were going on at this event.  Leather crafting of belts, pouches, pants, moccs and all kinds of customizing of other leather articles.  Reed - Frank Reed our FCF President always does a great job on leather crafting with all kinds of patterns and tools.  It was good to see his Pastor visiting and sharing a heart for Royal Ranger Ministry with us.

Jim Evans, Sr. Commander at Ozark AOG invited a group representing the Local Area Trappers Association to come out and speak to us on Saturday Morning.  3 big tables of Trapping tools and information was talked about and they invited us to attend some State Hosted training at our Local Shooting Range in a month or so.  Tyler McClean owner of a Local Wildlife Removal Service  (417 839-1839) and a Local Trapper enjoyed lunch with us and offered to teach at our Survival Merit Camp in last April.  Friends of Rangers are a neat resource to draw from. 

Plainsman, Pat Davis was busy in the wood crafting part.  Making lanterns and candle holders from start to finish.  One of the lanterns that Bryce Breshears assembled really caught my eye with the antique look the lantern had with a burnt on finish and then some stain over that.  Really looked great.  Plainsman also brought Hawk Targets for Saturdays activities. 

Trade blankets went on all night and half of the day on Saturday morning.  Grin Mark Jones, held Flint and Steel training and the boys got to light two fires or more with 14 kits available.  Our SW Division Assistant Scout Fire Hawk, David Evarts got a flint and steel fire in single digit seconds after watching the video of him doing that. It was a perfect fire.  Wow he is fast.  

Rob Batchman filled in on-the-spot with the Friday night Council Fire and while he had all of a few minutes to prepare you would have thought God had told him a week out that he needed to have something ready for this nights service.  I found out as he was coming to the event when we asked him to speak he told me that God had already told Rob  to be ready.    So he was ready.  Wow we serve a Great God.  Thanks Rob for filling in .  Also the two trips to Wal-Mart and the other ten things you helped out with THANKS! 

Trail Traveler, Joshua Pennekamp did a great job leading the Council Fire Song Service  using 3 old hymns from the 1700 time period and coordinating the event.  In his spare time he had several trekker packs being made during this event. Meals and snacks were great and I know I have missed folk that were contributing to this event and wanted to say thanks for a great event.  You outpost Commanders that brought your boys.  OUTSTANDING! 

Higgie, Don Higintbotham  and Night Hawk, Jerry Millhouser kept the chatter going in the various circles of conversation.  Always planning and always lifting up.  Great leadership!

The very next morning at our church on we had a good laugh on Sunday morning church when our Youth Pastor and his son had both attended the Event and they made leather Pouches.  Leather pouches takes a lot of time and he was reporting from the pulpit on Sunday morning that we had a great event where the men hung out and did a lot of sewing.  The congregation all had a great laugh on that one as his timing was perfect and then Sr. Commander Jim gave us the rest of story.  Character Building and Life Long Servant Leadership is what we were doing this weekend with these Young Bucks and  Ole Timers! 

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Tyler McClean

All kinds of Trapping Experience Here.

Stories of Wildlife removal from homes!

Trade Blankets in Action

Flint and Steel training

All these guys got fire from Flint and Steel!

Lots of preparation goes into these events.

Snow and fire and smoke!

Takes some skill developement!

Dad's and Son's working on projects together!

Canvas was a common material in the 1700's

Time to visit and chll out!

Made a nice Belt this time as well!

Bags of all kinds

Prices are almost at cost!

Takes practice

Sun had melted the snow and dried up the moisture!