Daniel Boone Chapter 2010 Frontier Adventure  May, 21st, 2010

Well praise the Lord!  120 of Southern Missouri's finest turned out for this years FCF Membership Application and Skill Evaluations.

Of those 120 men and boys 33 were applicants into our Chapter.  The week before the event many members were busy preparing for the many aspects that needed to be taken care of before the big event.  Some of these activities were getting applications and monies in order and sent to the company clerk whom was looking fondly over the top of his glasses wondering what part of May 1st did these fine folks miss by hand delivering those applications the day of the event.   I was told "RVers always say. "If it wasn't flexible it would have broke" so we got through it anyway.

Many others were gathering goods, tools, gear, shelters and getting stuff together for their outposts so their boys could attend the event.  As it's our mission in FCF to give and to serve many were going well beyond that by really stretching and it blesses my heart to see these men and boys hard at ministry of all kinds.  We even had a group of men working on the activities building hanging sheetrock and many other construction type works.

Friday morning I met the group I was going up with at 8:00 a.m.  secured the Church Van and loaded up the gear they had brought.  When I left the Ranger Annex there was another 6 folk there cooking ribs since about 5:30 a.m. to raise funds for Rangers.  We left them with a big thanks because it takes all of us doing what God calls us to do to make it all work.  Some on the front lines others doing jobs few get to see done yet each one important and needed.

We stopped at Wal-Mart super center and purchased our grub stake for the event and headed towards Pow Wow Campground.  2 hours later we were at the best place in all So. Mo where thousands of souls have met Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  It had rained 2" the day before and the ground was saturated (not muddy) if you drove off the gravel you would get stuck for sure. 

We found the regular FCF camping area to be non-accessible due to the rain and we were to camp by the new shower house.  I marked off a site and unloaded our gear parked the van and me and two boys went to build the pow wow event rafts.  4.5 hours later we had two 5'x12' long cedar rafts lashed and ready to be tested.  Returning to camp we found it full of vehicles all on the one lane gravel road waiting in line to unload their gear and grub.  About 7:00 pm most were setup and we went over the Adventure Agenda with the Membership. 

It was a beautiful evening and a really enjoyable council fire and just a bunch of fine fellowship and FCF'in going on. 

I won't tell much on the adventure but lots of instruction was going on and lots of learning and then lots of testing was being done.  The membership even got to test some of their skills and we also got to test the rafts in the lake. 

Saturday evening we enjoyed a feast and welcomed in and congratulated 33 new members into our Daniel Boone Chapter. Good job all you folk!

I got home Saturday night at about 11:00 pm and unhitched the trailer and cleaned up and hit the sack.  It was another GRAND TIME with the FCFers of So. MO.  Thanks each one of you for your part in Royal Rangers.  Together we make the light shine for Jesus Christ.

Mark Jones (the guy in the blue shirt with the Tricorn hat on)

p.s. that snake in the moat is rumored to be 35' long.  I know cause I was there but didn't see it.  GRIN!

Click on picture to get a larger view.  Special thanks to Bob Wenneker for his great pictures.