Wedding Week June 14th - 18th. 


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Wedding Pictures Full Resolution Zip File  this file contains 119 pictures 650 meg in size.

God is in the Blessing Business!    Thursday we moved Sam and Marshalls stuff out of our house and my Moms garage.  Hauled it up to Osage Beach and then with the help of family and friends moved it into their 4 plex apartment, 2nd story.  Hottest day of the year...102 on my truck visor.  Wow it was hot.  I found out my soon to be daughter in law wanted doors to remain open and she found out her soon to be father in law wanted it to be cool inside.  I laughed as I pulled her chain while we were moving. 

Friday we once again made the trip up to Camdenton to Hahatonka State Park to a neat little site down by the Spring.  I called it party cove as it was full of boats and people swimming and kayaking and floating.  Our rehearsal was just a meet and great as many of the important folk were tied up doing something.  We managed but it was odd not having the wedding party there.  GRIN! 

Saturday morning we left the house at 6:30 am picked up the trailer at the Summers house in Camdenton and then hauled it out to the park.  72 chairs, 4 long tables, 1 small table, a extension ladder, tape, stakes, hammers and soon all the Jones side men were engaged in decorations and props.  Mindy had this group of men Mark, Ernie, Marshall, Chris, Marty, Matt and Evan hanging stuff all over the place.  "Better ask Mindy" was soon the command line for what is next.  She has a plan.  She had the stuff.  She knows!  Even her DAD me... was whipped into YES MAM!  GRIN!  I was blessed to see us in action just doing what we were told to do.   More at end of pictures.

So many folks making food.  Table props. Cool keep sakes by Sam's Artistic family!  We had a great time.  Temps 2 days before in the 102 range were now 88 degrees with a nice breeze.  God's blessing once again.  Family and friends all coming together to see Sam and Marshall not only get married.  They even GOT BAPTIZED right there in the lake. 

Stuart German officiated the ceremony.  Chris Summers Baptized them.  Nathan German took 1000 pictures. 

So many folks doing things. I am forgetting to mention them here.  YET know you are appreciated and we say Thank you!

Video of the Wedding Ceremony.