Hello again,

  The N.E. S.E. Division 2010 Winter outing was a success. 67 attended 7 were OT 6 were YB 54 were visitors. Aprox.. 1/2 of the camp set up tents and set up outside the rest of braved the inside elements.(lol)

  We started our outing with a fantastic meat of chili chicken and dumplings. Thanks to my wife  and daughter for helping me to prepare these meals, we made 2 large slow cookers ( roasting pans) of each

Which was devoured between dinner and lunch the next day they ate & ate & ate it was good.

  I missed  Long Knife (Dennis Faulkner) for he usually is the chief cook and bottle washer (lol) he really deserves the title of "The worlds greatest cook" because this is quite a job. But thanks to the men that helped..

  After dinner we had our council fire the music was led by Wolf Eagle (Danny Chappell) which was overwhelmed with duties and did a fantastic job. Hoot (Doug Laut) was the speaker he spoke of "Doing the best we can". I know the Lord was there, for in my spirit is was convicted to serve others better. We also recognized the men and boys that earned their Buckskin advancement, tried to encouraged the boys that these goals were attainable.Again God was with us and encouraged us to keep on living for and serving Him.

 After the council fire the classes started we taught Shirt Making taught by (Robert Wenneker), Archery merit taught by (Craig Kelly), and Compass merit taught by 2 forks (Bob Triphan). They worked till midnight.


  After a good night sleep we started Sat. Morning with a hardy breakfast with biscuits and gravy and sausage.

  We then immediately started back into the classes and events, skeet shoot BP rifle range, knife and hawk.

  We were blessed to have a Missouri Conservation Agent (Dave Ingram) to teach and instruct the hands on part of the Archery class  he was truly a blessing.

  As always the skeet shoot is really popular with the boys but this time the were so busy that the ranges were kind of slow  also we closed the ranges at noon to beat the threat of the storm that was to come so many of us did not get in the events  but it was fun for those that participated.

  Then we broke for lunch early 11:30 we finished the chili and the chicken and dumplings along with sandwiches and chips.

  We then concluded the classes.

   About 2:30 had our devotion done by the N.E. Div. Asst . Scout Sasparilla (Jared Gamblin) he spoke to us about Gods healing, and about loving others 2 messages in 1, again God was with him. Then we prayed for others and those in  need. I praise God for Godly boys. Sasparilla really loves the Lord and serves Him well.

  We had a silent auction that generated $155.00 for missions. The men and boys are truly faithful and I appreciate their donations of prizes and money. I know that God will bless them. Then we concluded this event.

  I'm sure there are things that I missed  in this report, but as you can tell this Winter Outing went well, and surely we had fun and gave God praise as required.

  Thanks to all those that participated in the work involved to put on this event. It is an honor and privilege to serve these people.



Thanks and Blessings