So. Missouri Southwest Division Pinewood Derby Race

175 cars racing in 10 classes. RK, DR,AR,ER,Mpact,Open,National, Commander, Unlimited and Overall.  All this on two tracks running 3 lanes.  Race opened with Registration at 9:00 a.m. and we were all heading home at 3pm. 

Along with this we had Meet the Pastor 4 salvations. After the boys and girls met the Pastor they got a stamp and then went to Riding Big Wheels 6 of them, Dart Shoot with a pellet gun, Paint Ball shoot at .05 cents a shot, Little tikes playground and Concession!

Parkcrest AOG did a great job of hosting the races this year.  Divisional Commander Norm Kirsch thank you for your hard work in getting all this organized and thanks to the many leaders and older boys that stepped up and helped out at these events and races.  THANK YOU!

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