2017 So. Mo District Commanders Conference April 7th - 8th, 2017.  Jerry Millhouser and Richard Michael with God's help and a lot of extra help from Oakgrove and many other great folks in So. MO.  We could go on and on and forget to mention someone that was very important to this years conference so..you all know we do appreciate your good work for Jesus and the RR Ministry.  It's a honor working with you all.  Each one has a niche worked out and you did a great job at it. 

Looking over the tallies showed about 100 were in attendance.  Over 9 ladies enjoyed fellowship with Brenda Millhouser and team.  We had  from my count 52 that attended training for Ranger Basics, Ranger Essentials, First Aid and CPR, Ranger Safety, Discipleship I.   During the evening many folks took home some good values from the auction.  One of my Ranger Youth took home a full tang survival knife for cheap!  He also bought some of those world famous expired pretzels and learned a lesson on buying auction food! 

We gave out 21 Trappers awards.  Handed out 4 life time memberships.  Butch Smith came in waving some cash and wanted one!  Thanks Butch.  Lifetime memberships are nice.  They stay in our District and help fund our Campground and missions! 

Many leaders awards were also given out.  I understand from LEAD this next year these forms will be EASY to fill out.  So it would be really cool if we could double the number of Leaders Awards at this next years Conference. 

We found out about the plans for Pow Wow and Campground improvements.  Awarded two Lifetime Service Awards to Rick Barnhouse and Fred Lipowitz for so many years of GREAT Service and dedication!

NO POW WOW MAILING THIS YEAR.  All the forms you need are on the District Web page at:  CLICK HERE

Bring as many as you can.  Let's work hard to fill the harvest of souls in Jesus name!

Pow Wow Initiatives.  You will enjoy this one.  In and around your camp on Thursday or Friday.  Easy nature walk you do with your boys and some fire craft and tool craft and a cold pop and soda pop boil.  Pow Wow Initiatives Pin for those leaders and boys that complete these fun tasks! 

Click on a picture for a larger view.  Thanks to Dan Rockafellow for the really good photo shots and Mark Jones for the event pictures.