SW. FCF Spring Outing May 20-21, 2011


Well as you all know the Spring Outing started out like most Ranger outing, (RAIN), all day Friday and most of the night. Not hard just a nice rain.

On Friday evening we started the Black Powder course. There were 16 people started and finished the course.

We want to give Joe Zeh a Great Big Thank You for our devotion Friday night on waking us up about Praying Through. Something that we donít really

Do any more. Thank you Joe. Also we want to thank Jim Dougherty for coming and leading our songs Friday night and Sat. morning and also for giving us a Great devotion Sat. morning.

The Black Powder course went until 11 Friday night. Sat. we got up to a Wonderful day in the Ozarks. The Black Powder course started after the devotion.

The LORD Blessed us with a Great day of events. The Black Powder shooting went exceptionally well. WE had a lot of help and everyone did a Great Job. Thank you Ray Reece, Jerry Millhouser, Jim Fringer for doing a Great Job in the black powder course.

We had 18 old timers and 11 young bucks and 16 people in the black powder class. We also had 13 people that camped at Park Crest AG, And did games and events for the ones that could not get down to Jerry's. A total of 29 regular members and 16 in the class with the 13 at Park Crest making a total of 58

All together.

We had events for Hawk, Knife, Flint and Steel, Rifle, Costume judging, and Stump Preaching for the young bucks. They all did a great job.

Thank you guys for running the events, and Thank You all for coming and participating in this Great Event.

Pat Davis SW. Dist. FCF VP.


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