2016 Southern Missouri Commanders Conference held at Oak Grove AOG April 8th and 9th, 2016.

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It was good once again to fellowship with the Leadership in our District. The bonding of love for Christ in this
Ranger Ministry is powerful. I am once again refreshed for what our Lord and King has for us in this year!

Privileged to be a part of the Planning and Managing of the District Ranger Program it was refreshing to see Godly Christian men and ladies spend hours and hours preparing for these gatherings of Rangers and Friends of Rangers!
I found my first meeting in the Ranger District Executive Committee meeting to be amazed at the behind the scenes discussions, critiques, promotions and fine tuning. Jerry Millhouser and team are committed to the best Ranger program possible and they work hard at it.

The pictures show folks with smiles and many years of Ranger Ministry hard at it to Reach, Teach and the HARD part Keep folks for Christ.

Please make it a point in your outpost to bring as many as you can to Commanders Conference. It's not just about getting your training done. These other classes are filled with folks with successful experience that can you can glean neat tips and tricks. In my hour or two of free time I was able to sit in on Joe Schmitt's fire arms class and found it to be really cool. Don and Steve's Dutch oven cooking class is by itself worth the trip besides that you get to eat the treats that are cooked. The fellowship and stories and praise reports are awesome.

Bring your boys to Pow Wow. Stretch out there. Get them to attend. In our leadership Merit in our AR and ER group I had 2 boys that accepted Christ and were saved at our Pow Wows. IRON SHARPEN IRON! You Commander, You Friend of Rangers you encourage me. You are a blessing to us. We praise God for you. Keep it up!

Keep Rangers in your prayers.

Mark Jones