Hello All,  January 15th and 16th, 2016  NW Division Daniel Boone Chapter Winter Trace

Our Winter Trace was a success not only did we hear good word, eat good food, earn merits, have great competitions, we were in the very presence of our risen savior as he saved 4 boys; For me the event could of ended there. It was awesome to see that boys still give their lives at a event such as the Winter Trace.
I would like to thank the musicians for playing and singing at the spur of the moment, Spirit Rider sang The Lighthouse, good song, Two Forks for presenting the message that God put in his heart, and speaking it so the boys could understand and respond, great job, also I'd like to thank Long Knife for the meals he prepared they were great I could not do it without you, the food was a hit.
Hoot and Crazy Bone Did a great job teaching the Tool Craft Merit, helping with the events.
Our rifle range was fantastic Bob Wenneker, and Two Forks, These guys are really professional at running a range.
And Thank you all for your help and participation in making this event a success.
We had a silent auction with numerous donated items I was kinda worried that we would not bring much in because we only had 34 people, mostly boys show up;but to everyone's amazement we brought in $685.50 in which one half will be going to missions.
I Just PRAISE THE LORD for being with us this weekend, and saving those 4 boys.

God Bless

Choctaw (Ted King)

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