February 2nd, 2013.  Day trip to Hercules Glades 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm Rob Batchman and Mark Jones and Rob's Dog.

This was a impromptu hike. Weather was 47 degrees with sun and lite breeze.  We headed out from Mark Jones house in

Ozark, Mo took 65 south to Forsyth at at Sonic then down to Kissie Mills past Beaver Creek to the Devils Den Trail head.

We hit the trail at 1:30 sharp and took the Coy Bald Loop.  I had been on part of this trail before but not the whole loop.  It was

slated at 4 miles from the truck to the falls on the south loop.  I think Rob's dog did twice the miles as she would run past us turn around

and run past us again.   Click on the picture for a  larger view.

topo of trail/bushwack

Bella and Mark before Bella was convered by mud!


This loop takes us up on top of some of the hills with a 250 foot increase in elevation over about 1 mile.  We past by 3 ponds even

heard frogs chirping like birds in one pond.   We saw birds and squirrels.  We had a good rain a few days before so  the trails were sloshy.

This loop of Coy bald took us 1 hour 45 minutes walking fast at 3 miles per hour to make the loop. We had several scenic overlook views and

passed by glades, woods and quite a variety of trail.  If you want to do 4 miles. This is a trail to do that on.  After a 250 decline in about 1 mile.

We arrived at the falls about around 3:15 pm. Rob wanted to try to get a fire going with just cedar bark and metal match and got us a fire going in short

order. I heated up some coffee and as always folks show up at the Falls. The falls were rolling.  They were to loud to be right next to them to hear anything.  The water

went through these cascades and fractures and it is just beautiful.   The dog started barking letting us know someone was coming....we couldn't see or hear but she knew.

 We meet 2 other groups there.  1 man by himself. His pack was heavy he had a dutch oven

in there and a rappelling rope..GRIN!  He said he about froze the night before. 

The other group was 3 men from Springfield just out backpacking and camping.  After leaving the Long creek falls.  We followed the south side trail along

long creek it reminds us of Richland creek right there as you go along the creek then up a 100 feet then back down to the creek again.   The group of 3 men had dropped

packs and were going to camp at the site right next to the overhand site.  Perfect spots for camping.  Rob and I marked the cave overhang on the gps and then

elected to bushwhack at 200 degrees to meet back up on the trail we had just came back on cutting out about 3 miles of trail.  The bushwhack was not to bad at all.  We did climb up about 150 in 1/4 mile but it wasn't that hard and the brush was not terrible.  The briars can stop a person in full stride.  GRIN!

Robs dog was now keeping pace with us.  Staying right along with us.  She is a dandy little dog and would jump the rocks we jumped and go where we went.  When we

got close to the vehicles she knew we were getting close as she took off running way ahead of us.  These trips are good for the Soul/Spirit/Body.  Rob and I talked about

how hanging out around a campfire in the woods there is just something about it.  It's just good for you. 


Mark Jones 02-03-2013