JLTA 2008 Southern Missouri District Royal Ranger  Campground

Here is my perspective on the JLTA as the JTC Camp Commander.

First off, Charles Bowser is doing a wonderful job getting these camps going and providing leadership training to our Ranger boys. He did outstanding coordinating four camps this year - DTC, ATC, JTC, and AJTC. He also coordinated the JCE a month earlier, but you already have a report on that.
DTC Camp Commander - Bob Triphahn
ATC Camp Commander - Jerry Millhouser
JTC Camp Commander - Rick Barnhouse
AJTC Camp Commander - Charles Bowser
I ran the JTC, so I give you a view of the camp from my perspective.
This camp was conducted at the district RR campgrounds. We had a little over 50 boys in attendance from MO, TX, and IL. There were 30 in the JTC alone. Each day involved work on patrol projects, classroom leadership training, campcraft instruction, team building exercises (low ropes and others), and a council fire time in the evening. The boys all lived in tents, while the staff stayed in the staff dorm. Boys from each camp except JTC earned a couple of merits during the week. The JTC boys refreshed on several campcraft skills including rope, fire, tool, compass, and lashing, and spent alot of time on improving their dutch oven skills.
The grand finale of our camp learning was a race between the three JTC patrols where they had to build a sufficient fire to do a given task, cross the AJTC's rope bridge, run a compass course, get to the top of the AJTC tower, tie a series of knots, demonstrate a toolcraft skill, lash together a "chariot," and carry a teammate from the Activities Building to the new restrooms. The course took the fastest team 50 minutes to complete.
The boys did a good job on their patrol projects. The AJTC "Boop" Patrol was particularly lively. You can see their patrol song on YouTube by clicking on this link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qJQAFvICJc
After the camp, many of the boys headed to Merit Camp. Most of the leaders headed to the hot tub.
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