Saturday Dec. 12th, 2020. 8:00 am we left my house in Ozark and picked up Justin in Hollister on the way down. Temps were at 42 over cast with almost no wind. Perfect day to be out hiking and exploring!  We had a backpacking trip planned but cold rain the day before and snow the day after this day kept us at just a day trip!

Mark, Rob, Joshua, Justin, Rod and Jackson enjoyed about 6 miles on 3 different trails. Near Compton and Ponca Arkansas. Broadwater Falls was a real joy following the creek and various water falls. The trail is a few miles before Compton and Broadwater creek runs into Cecil Cove Creek near the cavers camp.

Most of these pictures were taken along Broadwater Creek and Balanced Rock on Leather wood Creek trail head which is right at the Ponca Bridge. Lunch about 3 feet from Leatherwood creek and everyone gathered firewood and Jackson gathered some Squaw Wood and got us a lunch fire going. Those 3 match t-paper dipped in wax make great fire starters!

We then went over to Lost Valley. I had not been there in 20 years. All very pretty. Lost Valley has nice gravel trails and rock stairs.

These 3 trails were a busy 6 miles and not too difficult to get up to except Balanced Rock was a little climb. This is a perfect day trip to go and explore and have a great time of it. So very very pretty.

I am so thankful for Friends of Rangers that will take the time to get us out of the house and Living the Adventure. We are truly blessed!

Mark Jones  Thanks to Rob Batchman for sharing his pictures with us!  Click on a picture for a larger view!

Broadwater Creek

Jackson and Me enjoying the falls

So very pretty!

Rob getting his picture taken!

This would be a neat swimming hole!

Road coming in is pretty steep use your lower gears!

Trail Marker!

That Rock is about 3 times bigger than you think it is!


Who put that there? We know!

The view behind these guys is awesome!

Pretty tall falls with Rob and Joshua at the Bottom of them.