What a great Winter Outing we had this year. Had an awesome turn out of about 106 men and boys. Pastor Mike Blain gave a great devotion Friday night and Saturday morning. We had 5 boys that responded during the Friday night service to make a commitment. Would like to thank Pastor Jim Dougherty and Allen for leading the worship. I would like to thank Bob Sederwall for teaching rope craft and also thank Mark Jones for overseeing the wooden mugs craft. Wanna thank Rick Barnhouse for bringing and overseeing the Archery. Also, thank everyone who helped cook and serve during the Outing. Thanks to Higgy for providing the biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Everyone enjoyed the leather crafts. Lastly thank Rick Dostal and Outpost 360 for the use of the facilities. Hope I left no one out, but I appreciate everyone who helped out and attended to make this a great event. Hope to see everyone again at the Spring Trace.

Frank Reed  SW Div. FCF VP


The SW Division of the Daniel Boone Chapter FCF had it's winter lockin at Life 360 Parkcrest Campus. January 17th, (18th-my wed anniversary). 2014

 Lots of fun activities, games, hawks, knives, trading and so much more. 

I had a limited view of the winter outing.  My job was to build wooden cups.  With machinery one has to keep a really close eye out when working with boys.  So I got a lot of pictures of where I was at!  GRIN!

We had 13 boys make wooden cups.  We had 2 drill presses, equipped with 1/4 " bits and then sanding drums.  1 spindle sander, 2 table sanders, one band saw and 2 scroll saws and a portable dust collector that got over whelmed with saw dust.  Plus all the extras that make it all work.  Clamps, glue, glue bottles sandpaper, tools. Bees wax and mineral spirits, pattern printouts, extra blades, belts, rags, double boiler and sandpaper and extra wood.  I figured on 15 cups and brought material for 20.  Returned home with most materials gone.   Boys got to make a wooden cup ready to drink out of  for only $5.00.  What a deal.

Click on a picture for a larger view.

Great food with lots of flavor

Real Bee's wax right out of the hive!

Lots of loading and unloading

Glue time 20 minutes!

careful not to tight!

One ring at a time

It needs to be smooth

Sanding all kinds

A little dust collection is a must!

All kinds of Leather Craft..my boys in this picture

Techniques all kinds

10 cups in glue up.

Visitors are welcome to join in at Winter Lockin

Higgie wants my prototype cup!

So many things to make it all work

Dude.. we have some sanding to do here!


Prototypes Again Bee's wax with mineral oil in the can.

Purdy cup.

Grandpas helping making cups for grandsons!

Wood is so forgiving!

Cleaning the sanding belts and disks

sanding the lip of the cup on the inside.

Let's see.. 13 cups times 6 lot's of rings!

The tool line up. Small hall way made clean up and dust control much easier.

Changing belts for sanding

Trailer what a blessing!