Camporama 2016 Eagle Rock Missouri  July 17th - 22nd.

Temps HOT.  NO RAIN! Heat index over 110.  Only a day or two of some breeze.

3150 campers came to Eagle Rock, Missouri to LIVE the Adventure.  Campers from all around the nation

and the world were Ready!  Camping in this heat will test even the hardiest.  YET THOSE THAT DID ARE LIVING THE ADVENTURE. 

It is always a cool thing to see folks from all around the nation that you only get to see every 4 years or so. 

We had a good time.  The elements were tough this Camporama.  Daily trips to the Lake for a 2 hour swim were redeeming!

Click on a picture for a larger view.  This page will change as pictures and reports are donated!

We did this every day at least 6 times!

A humorus song from Camporama by the Tennesee District!

Ice Air Airconditioner

cooler with a belige pump in it.

3150 in Eagle Rock Ampitheater

I wanna go home!

Service ran from 7:30 pm to about 10:30 pm

Big Stage and light show

So. MO Basecamp up the BIG HILL.

We were camped the farthest away ever in my 5 camps.

The heat would snap tent poles left and right

ET handled our Entry Way!

Life 360 tents in background

Heading to the food pavilion. 3/8's of a mile one way!

PJ and his beloved golf cart. I was jealous!

Gulf Region Med Tent!


All kinds of fun around camp!

Action! READY!

Black is in! But it's hot!

Our beloved rests!

Pin Trading every day!

Waiting on the Lake Trip! YES!

Morning Assembly in our Region

Opps no Lanyard that means MUSTACHE!

Children Pastors Live the Adventure!

Pictures of past programs! The good stuff!

Knotty! Yes you too can wear HIM!

Wow you guys are a long way from the Event!

Relative of Property owner that sold the property to Rangers!

Camp visitors!

Shade seekers while we eat!