04-14-2017 Easter Weekend Friday night Backpack and then Buffalo River Float from Steel Creek back to Kyles Landing in Arkansas.

Our group of 18 filled the river with fun and excitement.  This trip takes coordinator of canoes, kayaks and trailers and paddles and life vests.  Special thanks to Jim Evans and family for the use of the Canoes and gear.  Dave Yonke pulled the canoe trailer with 2 canoes and I pulled the outpost 6 trailer with 6 kayaks in it.  The road down into Kyles Landing is one of the roughest I have ever went down.  It was so rough we blew a tire on the canoe trailer and the spring suspension popped out.  With lots of men and boys Dave's crew was able to pop the spring back in place and soon we were on our way again.  Friday night 14 of us backpacked in from Kyles landing in 1 mile and base camped near the trail intersections of the BRT and Eye of the needle trails.  We arrived at camp just a bit before dark.

Friday night it was perfect weather.  77 for a high and 60 for a low with no rain or wind and no bugs.  Rob brought forth the council fire at 9:30 and by 10:30 most of us were in our shelters.  Shortly after it got quiet I heard a loud thump some 100 feet away.  "Rob did your hammock break?" I yelled..... "YA" he replied.  I knew it was going to be a fun night.  In the middle of the night Rob was awaked by a carnivore eating horse.  He got up and went around camp Yelling..."HEY"  HEY"  I was able to sleep through his trial and fun.  Dave heard the commotion and reported of Rob wondering camp yelling the above.  Next day they determined it was most likely a horse wondering around loose.??? 

Saturday morning arose early.  Perfect weather.  Oliver kindled the fire using his metal match survival jute waxed fire starter.."He said, I believe in this" a good tool for any outdoors man.  Soon we had breakfast over around the fire and packed up ready to go floating. 

We left Kyles and the trailer at the bottom of Kyles with the flat tire on it and removed the 2 canoes and gear and put it in the back of Robs Truck.  Meeting Cliff and family over at Steel Creek and by 10:00 am we hit the water along with some other 40 folks.  It was a busy day on the river but that was just more fun. 

We enjoyed lunch at the base of Big Bluff (600) feet rising above us.  Then on down to the Jumping Cliffs.  We spent a hour there enjoying watching everyone jump.  the place is a high point and the stopping point for most folks walking trails for a quick rush of the jump and the cool water. 

Saturday afternoon we did the shuttle and made my house at 6:30 pm.  No time for a late supper.  Next time we need to build in a extra hour for a dinner on the road.

Blessed to be "Living the Adventure"  and blessed today because it's Easter Morning and we Serve a RISEN Savior.  Link to a zip file of all these pictures.

Special thanks to Rob Batchman,, David Yonke and Mark Jones for the pictures.  Memories that keep talking years and years later.  Click on a picture for a larger view.