Now that is a SIGN.  All this from 40 plus years of patch trading!


Looks Great! Thanks Sederwalls and Team!

Landscape and cleanup all done!

Gated Entryway to Camp Millhouser is Finished!


Wow it's taking shape!

God has put this on my heart to do!

Thank you Diane for sharing all your pictures with us!

We are gifted!  God has given each one of us GIFTS!  He has made each one of us unique and in so many ways like Him.  From gifts of  patch trader, creator, teacher, worker, planner, hauler, excavator, mason, carpenter, stouper, crawler, stretcher, photographer and a 1000 other things we are gifted with. 

I first saw this dream in our Royal Ranger Exec.  Committee Meeting at Commanders Conference 2021.   From day one many of these projects are cussed and discussed from the human carnal mind and heart.   Yet when God is behind it soon all the gifts line up to see a project like this to completion.  It's a struggle each one of us face working with Royal Rangers.  We just don't give up.  We see it through.  From loading up a bunch of boys for many days of camping to a afternoon float trip to shooting archery on a Saturday to complete a merit or two.  We are gifted.  Patience.  Will.  Determination.  Character are often challenged each step of the way.  Rangers finish the race!  This dream of a sign that jumps out and says Royal Rangers Camp Millhouser now lights the once dark highway at the county line!  So many folk would miss our camp.  No more!  This stands out like a beacon proclaiming our Life Long Commitment to Jesus Christ and Royal Ranger Ministry.  Thank you each and every one who came and helped.  Bob and Diane Sederwall your hard work on this has inspired this Royal Ranger Commander to give even more as our Lord and King Jesus is worth it!  Thank you all!  Click on a picture for a larger view.  Zip file of all these pictures.


36 bags of 80 pound mortar! More Mortar Man!