The 2007 Southern Missouri District Royal Ranger Merit Camp is now history.



This was our 17th year of conducting this camp (formerly the Advancement Academy). Eighty regular Royal Ranger campers from Discovery Rangers through Expedition Rangers attended. Ten Gold Medal of Achievement recipients returned this year to work on Junior Staff, and many full-time and part-time adult staff donated time this week to teach the boys in their individual areas of expertise. The boys earned 432 merit awards. Here is the breakdown:


Red - 49                                             Discovery Rangers - 15

Blue - 14                                             Adventure Rangers - 40

Orange - 20                                        Expedition Rangers - 25

Green - 172                                        Junior Staff - 10

Gold - 78                                            Adult Staff - 53

Silver - 99


The awards taught were:



BB Gun





Christian Missions


First Aid Skills

International Service


Knife & Hawk



Physical Fitness

Firearm Safety

Paintball Safety

Primitive Snares

First Aid/CPR

Skin Diving

Stamp Collecting


Truck Transportation

Speed the Light


Orange Bible Merits

Family Life

Indian Lore



Fire Safety


Advanced Marksmanship

Adv Dis. Awareness

Dutch Oven


Black Powder

Emergency Preparedness

Bird Study

Primitive Shelters

Graphics arts

Nature Study

Camp Safety

Hide Tanning




Wilderness Survival

Hunter's Education




Each morning after breakfast there was a flag raising ceremony with the Junior Staff serving as color guard. We added a Senior Guide this year (David Huff) as we strive to emphasize the boy-facilitated program pattern. Rev. Royce Beckett would present the morning devotion, while one of the Junior Staff would give a testimony of God's goodness, and how He had worked in each of their lives. It was exciting to hear how the boys incorporated recent event (such as events from the Iceland trip) into their personal stories. After an uniform inspection, the boys attended classes for three different sessions totally over 8 hours. Some great meals and various competitions during the afternoon recreation time punctuated the class sessions.  The boys and leaders participated in nightly council fire services of some type.  Thursday's council fire was boy-led with them planning and conducting the entire service. God moved mightily in the services.


A couple of different competitions kept the boys improving all week - Patrols of Excellence and Honor Patrol. Patrols of excellence rank patrol spirit and projects, while the Honor Patrol competition keeps track of boys' participation in all camp activities. At the end of the week, the patrol with the most points wins a special prize to help them with their FCF outfits. The 80 boys were divided into eight patrols, and each patrol had one Junior Staff and two adult staff advisors.



The winning patrol this year was the Spider Ducks led by Jeff Wogan and Mark Hughes with Brady Smith (not pictured) as their Junior Staff. The boys in this patrol were all winners!  Great job guys!


Do we have fun in the Southern Missouri District, or what?!


Respectfully submitted,

Rick Barnhouse

District Training Coordinator