A few shots of some of the things we do at the Ranger Annex.  Click on a picture for a larger view.

Foldable Saw Buck out of Cedar Boy made

Brace and Bit was used to drill dowel holes

Holes were bored than the logs were resawed down the middle

Here it is open. FCF Frontiersman style

Side view of Saw Buck Boys peeled cedar bark off for firecraft

Lashed up Hawk Target

Hawk Target in front of RR Trophy Case

2x4 Hawk Target

Chain keeps legs from going out too far

Bolt allows the stand to fold up

Bulletin Boards are good advertisements!

Shop with Dust Collection

Master Power Shut off to make it safe for boys.

This sink gets the clean up done!

Rangermobile view from Behind

View from Behind looking at brake Assembly

Brake Assembly

Ranger Kids Ramps