Daniel Boone Chapter SW Division held a Winter outing this past weekend.

Using Charwood to light a Tindertube

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What a perfect weekend for the Winter Outing.  Temps in the 60's and lows at night 44.  January 19th and 20, 2018.    100 folks there. 
Special thanks to our Scribe Ryan Reed aka Pike for the pictures.  Also special thanks to Faith AOG on West Division that hosted this event in their gym.  The trains ran all night and the facility was full. 


SW Division VP Joshua Pennekamp  Our District Scout Rieder Sprague and SW Div. Assistant Scout Isaiah Smith helped the Division to pull off a really cool winter outing.  Lots of volunteers helped cook and serve.   It's nice having our District Director Jerry Millhouser and our Deputy Director Don Higinbotham  and seeing them in the kitchen preparing food for all of us is a example of what it takes to see Folks reached for Christ.  Our SW Division VP Ray Reece was there the whole time making things run smoother and the heart that is shown blesses us all.  I praise God for these folk!
Boys and men enjoyed leather craft all kinds.  Frank Reed and team hooked the young bucks and ole timers up with all kings of cool Mocs, bag, belts, sheaths and I am sure others I just didn't get to see them all.    Prices were rock bottom.  Ole smoky Mark Jones and Byron Crutcher  smoked up the place with fire all kinds.  Focusing in on Tender Tubes and using char wood.  It was fun teaching,  showing boys how to braid jute and cotton and baptize and dip in hot wax and cut tubes and flair tubes...  Lot's of fun.  Lanterns, Strings of Beads and other cool stuff being made as well.
Steve Light  brought the message in the evening service.  Lights out at 10:30 p.m.


Saturday was more of the same.  We also crafted some Haversacks (backpacks)  out of white canvas for a Fall TREK were taking this year. 
David Evarts won the Char Wood Tinder Tube lighting with a time of a hair over 14 seconds and won a Lantern Kit.  I thought David Hurley was going to take it at first with a time of 18 seconds.  I saw many a young buck practice some old charwood fire lighting practices.  We smoked them boys up I tell you what!


I coughed and choked on flint and steel and charwood tinder tube lighting for about 6 hours while some of those boys came back 15 times to strike that steel.  I had them make up a tindertube out of Jute and wax and a copper tube.  Some of them I have them soak it in water.  Then dry it off with their shirt and then Fray 3/4" of the end with a knife and rubbing it in the palm of their hand until it was a nice fluffy ball the size of a quarter.  Then they flint and steel a piece of char cloth and tossed that into a charwood tin and blew that until the wet 15 seconds ago tindertube would catch on fire.  The fastest time was 14.38 seconds.  Gave out a FCF Wooden Candle kit for a prize.


We had 15 leather craft pouches or projects made.  Lots of beading and  haversack hand sewing going on.  It was fun
We closed up at around 2:30  p.m. on Saturday and all went our many ways back home.  Thanks to all you FCF'ers that made this winter outing fun and exciting and helped these boy's "Live the Adventure".

Got home and Sunday afternoon sewed up a Haversack (trek backpack) (pulled out my sewing machine and learned everything I had forgotten about that sewing machine.  Made a nice haversack for our Fall Trek this year.  It's been almost 18 years since we did one of these. 
Good times.  Gospel preached.  Character built.  Memories made.


Royal Ranger Ministry is so effective.  I am thankful God moved on folks hearts to develop such a neat ministry. 
Mark Jones, FCF Company Clerk....of course I had to add my three cents worth.  I would love to add your nickels worth as well  Always enjoying seeing others write up these events as well.  I do it because I like to.  Go figure?