Once again we really enjoyed a fun game show type Commander and Spouse retreat at Grace Community in Branson, Missouri.  December 2, 2016

We are so Blessed!

Friday night at 7:00 pm Rangers and if married their Spouse joined us for fun and games.  Every one that wanted to brought a snack food.  Grace Community RR last week held a fund raiser and cooked Tri Tips so we enjoyed some of that as well.  Fudge, Cookies, Cakes, Fried chicken, chips and dip, veggies all yum!  Soda and Coffee galore!  We feasted for a short while and then the games began.   Being in Springfield we are blessed to have current and past National staff sharing with us the fun of Ranger Ministry.  Our National director and his wife are fun. We are blessed to have folk that are as sold out for RR ministry as we are leading us! 

Door prizes went on as you came in and there was tickets for Branson Shows and rides and some of David Perkins artwork there as well.  Some one was winning something almost the whole 3 hours of fun and feasting.  Richard Michael had photo slide shows

Richard Michael put on a good prize interviewer and kept us laughing as the white elephant gifts went out.  Jon and Sierra Nance table games and Ranger Jeopardy questions in teams kept us laughing and clapping over Bible and Ranger Trivia. 

We opened it up reading a few versus out of Ecclesiastes to our Spouses and you can well guess it got really wild right off the bat.  This is what I read to my wife with her not supposed to laugh....it wasn't 3 words before she laughed....ok..wait for it.

O noble daughter!

Your rounded thighs are like jewels,

the work of a master hand.

Your navel is a round bowl

that never lacks mixed wine.

Your belly is a heap of wheat,

encircled with lilies....by this time they were all laughing so hard they disqualified us... I  think I won more than a prize on that one.  GRIN!

Just had a great time.  Jerry closed with asking us how we would have done putting a pregnant lady on a donkey and walking 70 miles.  What our Lord has done for us is beyond awesome.  Having a fun filled evening with Life long friends in Ranger Ministry is just one more gift from God.  We are blessed!

Click on a picture for a larger view.   A zip file of these pictures.