SW Division FCF Spring Outing. May 17th, 2009  (Pictures at bottom of report)

We had a Great Outing in the presences of the Lord. Dr. Larry Toll Blessed us with 2 Great Devotions, Which told us about being authentic to our time period and being authentic and Loyal to the Lord. Great Job Larry.

Friday evening our National Scout Ryan Reed did a Great Job on lighting the council fire. Revenant Jim Dougherty presented us with Great Music, fun and Gospel, and he had a very good choir of Frogs helping in the Background.

We had 72 members and ones that attended for the Black Powder Course. We had 50 members to register 22 old timers and 28 young bucks and we had 22 fellows that went through the Black Powder Course, We had 13 different outpost represented at the outing. Great job Ray on the black powder course, Instructors were Ray Reece, Jerry Millhouser, Randy Wilson, Rick Dostal, J.R. Whinery and Pat Davis.

We had a normal FCF outing, on the weather, only 2 1/2 inches of rain this time. No wind or hail, just rain. Not so bad, Very nice day on Saturday.

It was a little hard for the ones in the Flint and Steel to find dry tender but they did it. Max Towler did a great job in getting these guys to light their fires. Young Buck, Bear Claw (Kody Whinery) of Praise A/G won with a time of 13.13 seconds, Old Timer Frank Reed of Bolivar time 18.8 seconds. Knife throw run by Ryan Reed and Frank Reed, Old timer Jim Fringer with a score of 7 out of 10 and the young bucks had a 3 way tie at 10 all, Kaleb Breshears came out on top in the throw off, second place was Marshall Jones. Outfits judged by Don Higinbotham, Old timer Justin Lillard won with a score of 89, and the young buck Ryan Reed won with a score of 99 on the outfit judging. The Log Cut ran by Rodney Lillard, The old timers were Justin Lillard and Jim Evans with a time of 15.67 seconds, Very good guys, Young Bucks were James and Devon Evans with a time of 19.45 seconds. Great Job Guys. The Rifle Shoot run by John Ireland, had a shoot off from a perfect score and Keven Fringer of the old timers came out first. The Young Buck was Luke Cooper from James River A/G winning the shoot. Hawk Throw ran by Frank Reed, Old Timer was Steve Booth and Young Bucks First Place with a throw off was Marshall Jones and second place was Darrell Moad.

For Prizes we had hawks; Knives; candle Landers; powder horns; flint and steel kits; plates, cups and bowls; Shooters Bag; leather kits; cast iron cookware; fur coat; Shirt; etc.

I want to thank all who helped run events and helped in giving prizes. Frank Reed gave 2 handmade shooters bags; Max Towler, gave plates, cups and bowls; Darrell Moad gave a very nice shirt; Ray Reece gave 2 real nice candle Landers.

Thank you Jerry for the use of your property and barn, really enjoyed the outing and being with all.

Thank you all for making this such a great outing and time of learning. Thank the Lord for a Great Time.

SO. MO. DIV. FCF. VP. (Plainsman) Pat Davis.

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