Jan 31st,- February 1st, 2014.  The Big Bat Cave Campout.  82 souls in the cave.  A record year!  Temps in the 31 low and 37 for a high.  Light rain off and on.

We had a great time.  So many folks to say thanks to.  Charles Bowser gave the Friday night devotion in the back of the cave.  5 Souls accepted Christ there, Woo wooo Rangers!  With 82 there the cave was full.   The morning crew came in and cleared the briars and trees and cut up firewood for the big 14' long fire.  We had a great turn out for early workers.  Special thanks to Rob, Ernie, Cody, Steven, Robby, Jeff, Violet, Cole and Mark for the great job.

I left the early crew behind and returned back to Springfield and picked up our outpost group and 6 vehicles followed us down. 

It's such a blessing to know so many Godly Christian folks that will leave their comfort zone to come out and rough it a bit and enjoy the primative lifestyle.  This cave offers a lot of shelter but there is still lots of moisture and mud in the cave.  The walk back and forth from the vehicles to the cave offers all kinds of challenges.  Down trees, running creeks, briars, mud holes, some very tricky slick spots and a spirit of adventure.  Worth it every step.

So thankful to each of you leaders who take time out of your busy life to bring folks to events like these.  We had 2 Pastors there and 3 Missionaries.  Lots of work, Lots of cleanup, Lots of planning.  Lot's of reward!

Remember keep your eyes on Jesus.  He will never let you down! 

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