Camporama 2006 at Eagle Rock Missouri.  We had a great time and Southern Missouri folk were actively helping in almost all areas of the Camporama activities. From cooking to serving to security to stores to pinewood derby to camp faciliting and most importantly working to see that our Boys are well taken care of.  We were there to serve! 

The nightly rallies were inspiring and we all a HOT time but it was a good  Hot time.  The boys enjoyed it.   We are so blessed to have this ministry called Royal Rangers. 

Please feel free to share your pictures with us.  Just send them to and I will post them for you.

Also if you have something you would like to share please send that on as well.  It is a good thing to share and stir up the Spirit that is in each of us. 

God Bless each one of you. 

Arieal Shots from Ranger DJ from the Skies above!

 Ranger Forums at    This group of men and boys  met at the Johnny Barnes Flag Pole and shook hands and visited exchanged, pins, buttons and dog tags.  It was good to see the face behind the key board.  Many of these men and boys had never met face to face but had often shared Ranger tips, trick, what worked and what didn't work in the Ranger Forums.  This is a great site and a wealth of men and boys living the program and working in the ranks of Royal Rangers.

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Pinewood Derby was huge!  12 groups and a over all.  We had over 500 cars racing.  Phew! It was a real challenge to keep track of the possibilities of 4 cars per 1 user Id.  We learned a few things and hope to share them with the powers that be and correct the unneeded headaches.  Lots of ribbons were not collected at the awards tent so we are hoping they mail them out.  It is a nice advantage to have the user Id associated with the car number.  It saves tons of time.  If we can just get a one car entry we will be able to get it all done quickly and accurately.



We had a great time!