Daniel Boone Chapter FCF Fall Trace 2013

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Special thanks to Noel Bell, James McHaffie and Richard Michael for sharing the pictures!

Craig Kelly's Marqee

Morning Devotion

Company Clerk

Blacksmith Shop

Look at that Bellows

Flint and Steel we all need practice

Twiggy Working on the chimney


District Director

District Scout

Scout Elections

SW Division VP

Grandpa and Grandson

Black Powder Shooting


Outfit Judging

Trading Blankets


This past year I spent time working with the older boys from our outpost on the FCF merits and we had 6 go through the adventure this year. I had such a great time doing these FCF merits were
doing them again this year. The boys that did it last year that are interested in getting the 1 out of 100 boys GMA medal will continue to knock out merits for that. The other 99 out of 100 boys that
are not interested in the top medal for Royal Rangers will continue to be taught these 8 merits..as I have learned the first 3 times we teach them they have the patch just no skill at doing them. These 8 merits
remind me of the Older Johnnie Barnes methods I used for 12 years that were proven to interest boys and men and achieve great leaders in the church through them. (Donít get me wrong. I fully support the 1 out of 100 boys that earn the GMA...just have learned if you have 99 that are not interested in the GMA it might be a good idea to do some things they like to do if your interested in ReachTeachKeep those 99 boys.)

This weekend we brought 8 members to the Big FCF event and we had a great time. The Fall Trace was filled with 93 Frontiersman camping in with canvas tents. Campfires ablaze. The sound of the black smith shop ringing true to iron sharpening iron. One could make out the strike of flint n steel mixed in with the laughter and voices of good job well done and a hey try this and see if it works.

Our outpost left Springfield at 1:30 pm on Friday afternoon and on the way up stopped and bought 80.00 worth of snacks for 8 guys for 3 days. (We ate 3/4 of it). This year NW div cooked meals for most of the camp. We had 70 meet for meals leaving 23 back at camp cooking up their own meals and having a great time as well. Meals were pretty good. Price was fair. I did get some fish that I took a bite and I said wow that was some great fish and I donít even really like fish. Next bite was not so good...it had a black vein thing in it and it tasted like river mud...GRIN! Made me thankful for that first bite. Rest of the meal tasted kind of muddy. I was told when I clean catfish to get those veins out or they will taste muddy. (I am a green horn in that respect...I learn a lot from FCF).

Friday was camp setup time. Enjoyed working with the boys and getting the marquee up and gear out. Once you get a fire going...itís hard to get work out of them boys....seems to me they just want to sit around and eat and talk FCF stuff.... GRIN! ME TOO!

I got the Dry cedar bark out and purchase 4 striker kits for the new frontiersman. Showed them how the experts do it. Then left them to their own methods...GRIN! Must have worked I had two boys that got the Friday night and Saturday night council fire competition for young bucks. This was a cool... thing. I got to go up in front of everyone and say yes they can have that cool knife or hawk and guys once again.... I taught them everything they know..GRIN! It was a good laugh.

Parson (James McHaffie) had been down working on the blacksmith shop along with Twiggy (Gerald Haines) and Keeper (Jim Haines). They finished up the chimney, bellows, and hooked it all up. Worked like a champ. What a blessing to see them and Twoforks, (Bob Triphan) working in there bending and shaping metal.

I know my 5 young bucks and us 3 ole timers had a great time. We sat up 2 hawk targets right behind our tent and the boys threw at them after hitting all the events. I brought horse shoes but never got them stuck in the ground.

We had our usual President election. Once again WW (Fred Lipowitz) won the nomination and election. Thanks WW for great Chapter leadership. Scout elections and testing went on with the Buckskin testing. While all that was going on we had a lot of fun with the Black Powder course. Thank goodness Keeper (Jim Haines) and Tall Oak ( Ralph Davis) and John Davis helped us meet the requirements and bring us up to speed on shooting once again. After so many years of not shooting itís good to have someone spoon feed you on the first 2 shots.

The chapter had a great time with Little Buffalo (Laurance Brown) hosting the ROUND ROBIN. 2 nights I watches across camp as this group of 30 to 50 ole timers and young bucks brought their trading goods to the light of the candle lantern and tried to sell them something they would need or wanted. Salesmanship came into play and lots of parlaying went on. Our young bucks seemed to love this Round Robin.

So much to tell.and I am rambling on. Just wanted to say thanks to the Daniel Boone Chapter, the friends and brothers in Christ that give of themselves to make it better for all of us. Blessings.

Mark Jones, FCF Company Clerk. 9-24-2013