Jan 27th, 2023 Big Bat Cave Campout.
It was relaxing. Weather was very good for January temps. High of 60 melted the left over snow. Low on Saturday morning was 38 or so.

Our group was 26. Ozark AOG was in full Evangelizing mode and we had invited half our guests so that was really GREAT to have new and previous adventurous faces at the event.

We hit the trail running at 10 am from Ozark with 10 boys and 7 adults at the cave. It didn't take long to cut down 2 dead standing trees and cut enough wood to get a nice fire going and leave some extra for someone else or next years trip.  Click on a picture for a larger view.  Thanks to Del Wales, Rob Batchman and Mark Jones for sharing these pictures.  Rest of report after these pictures.

Zipfile of all these pictures.    Youtube Video of inside cave and some rappelling


Several of our boys are running for Scout as they were nominated last weekend at our Winter Outing. Part of that election process is their Trappers Brigade points which is service hours. This group of young men earned a couple of hours of Community and Church hours. Also reminded them that the hours they spend on the worship team at church also count up .

While Sr. Commander Jim returned back to the church to pickup the second wave of attendees the boys with out me knowing about it were shooting at a Pigeon with a sling shot and killed it. I said guys if your going to kill animals you need to eat them. So they took the pigeon down to the river and cleaned it right next to Rob Batchmans tent and left the stuff there for a testimony of what great things they had done. The pigeon got boiled in water over the fire and cooked for a while and then was consumed by the every hungry young men. It's a neat thing for them to catch a fish or animal and clean them and cook them up while on these events.

After Dark on Friday night the rest of the folk came packing in. At 9:30 p.m. we had a council fire in the back of the cave with some candles for each person there. Several shared what God had laid on their heart for the service.

The fire time is so neat. Its a time to relax and enjoy t he fellowship as well as appreciate the comforts of home. I went to my tent around 10:30 p.m.. ........ am things were in full swing. Laughter and over heard comments on how they froze last night trying to camp around the fire... Others said I was good in the back of the cave and others out in front of the cave talked about how far the water had come up from a stick they had at the waters edge as they chose to camp on the "new beach area that was washed in this past fall from the flooding".

Always a great time. Young men facing the cliff. Rappelling fears faced. Challenges to keep young and old relevant with Bat cave camping.

2 years ago we had 87 in this cave. Last year only 15. This year 26. What ever God brings to the Batcave Campout He always blesses it with a memory of good stuff.

Thank you Jesus for the great stuff!

Mark Jones