FCF Daniel Boone Chapter Fall Trace 2018  09-21-2018 through to 09-23-2018

Held at the Williams Ranch just north of Bloomfield, Missouri.  40 in attendance 

Scout Nominees


SE Division FCF VP Jason Williams put on a outstanding Fall  Trace event at the family Ranch this past weekend.  Being a Nat. Rendezvous year and a long ways south and east our Fall Trace attendance was down as it was busy year.   YET I will testify and say. In all my years of attending these events Jason and his Dan Ron and team put a lot of time and effort into this event.  I felt the Praise and Worship was way over the top of anything I had ever seen at a FCF event and the food kept coming our way.  I  hate fish...yet I ate 2 plate full's and now I don't think I hate fish. GRIN!  

Our group left Friday morning at 10 am right on time and drove 4 hours to the Williams Ranch.  Setup our camp and got a nice afternoon and early evening as the last hot day of summer gave way to some rain and a nice cool front moved in.  The next 24  hours was wet with a slow steady rain.  Yet as we enjoyed this rain we also modified our plans and situations to accommodate shelters and other structures to make life even better. 

Friday night praise and worship and food was really good.  These guys were just warming up as Saturday night came they were on fire.  Lots of FCF challenge and fun went on all weekend.  Our every 2 year Scout Testing was held and we are in the process of getting those points tallied.  As usual never a application comes in for scout...so we will wait until these come in before we make the announcement on who won scout.  Each year seems a new set of something comes in and changes things.  (Will we every learn...? )  I doubt it.  The changelings will always be with us.  Anyway while we decipher the new rules we will announce the new Scout and Assistant Scouts. 

Click on a picture for a larger view.  Will add some more to this page in the next 2 weeks.