What a super trip.  Special thanks for sharing your pictures.  Click on a picture for a larger view.

I am thinking I am going to get wet!

Topo of the hike from the camp ground


October 29th, 2014. Left Ozark at 6:40 am and just before Jasper we swapped drivers. Dave was looking like he might barf on Mark so I opted out to swap him and Robs position. WE arrived at Richland Creek Campground
at 9:20 am. Rob's little suburrau flew down those roads as David said there is sweet spot speed you have to find on these dirt roads and he found it. We made record time! Temps were chilly 44 degrees upon arrival. WE came in from the West side of Richland Creek from Lurton passing by the Lurton AOG church and then loosing the pavement to gravel for 12 miles or so.

Some improvements to the campground were noted. It's a pretty campground. Very remote over looking the Richland Creek. On the west end of the campground is Falling Water Creek.

I could tell there had been quite a few visitors there since 3 years earlier the trail was still pretty wild. This time the trail was much better. One could still loose it as it often went over and through big rocks and you just took the path of least resistance and soon picked up the trail again.

Gordon Draffen attends Ozark Assembly of God Church and we would talk in the foyer often of trips and hikes. So He inspired us to do a Thursday trip as he seldom gets weekends off so 4 of us made arrangements and shared this cool unique place. I took us 2 hours to get to Richland Creek Water Fall as we stopped several places along the way and took pictures here and there. The trail was pretty good and the water was low enough to walk across rocks.

We enjoyed lunch over looking the 6' tall waterfall that went all the way across the river. This time the water fall picked and chose where it went over the falls. It was quiet with the flow of water falling and the various cascades trickling here and there. After a short lunch we started back and Rob found a prize rock he just had to have. I figured it at about 20 lbs. Along the way to Twin Falls he opted out for a even cooler rock that was much lighter. We had shed all our layers and were down to just shirts. It was a perfect temp.

Twin Falls is a place where everyone that see's it just goes wow. It's a must see where two streams join at this place and as the water flows they form one pool.

After a short stay we worked our way back. A few showers for about 10 minutes and other than that it was a nice sunny - shady day. Jackets came out for a few minutes and then were put back away as soon as the showers passed.

A quick trip back took us 1 hour and 30 minutes with no boot changes and almost no stops. With River Crossings and backpacks on this trip can take 2.5 hours easy. We were doing easy street on this trip.

At the vehicle they informed me they knew the way out....and I was not needed to navigate.... pretty soon we came to a road crossing. They all stopped and made their guess...pretty soon we rounded a corner and there was a Confederate Flag waving front and center and it was a unanimous WRONG WAY! I laughed as with out a GPS I would be as lost as they were. GRIN? WE had a good laugh and about the time we got to Harrison our mind was on Western Sizzler and with a little coaching to our driver Dave we were all eating and stuffing our faces with all kinds of great food. It was very good.

At 7:00 pm we rolled into Ozark a hour late as we added supper to the list along the way.

Great trip. Wonderful weather and we really enjoyed God's handy work down in these Arkansas Mountains. I was told we have to camp upstream from Twin Falls. So in December we will make the trip again. One thing we did note. Compared to Indian Creek's Eye of the Needle this was a piece of cake but ole what a purdy cake. It will be harder with backpacks on but we can't wait!

Mark Jones