Springfield North and South Sections Ranger Mobile Race 2014.  September 13th, 2014

Ranger Mobile Race 2014 was a success.  Rob Batchman challenged the racers and audience from God's Word. Weather was great!. This event was new in many ways: 1. We were running the race in the Robberson School Neighborhood as an outreach to the area.  2. The race was promoted and sponsored by the Robberson Neighborhood Association. 3. Hosted by Dayspring Church and 4. Held in the Central Baptist parking lot. 5. Boy Scouts were there with a fishing game.
 Many thanks to Paul Mark and the Ranger staff from Dayspring for hosting and providing the concession stand and new launch ramp. Thanks to all who helped run the race attended by Central Assembly, Oak Grove, Evangel Temple, and Dayspring.
Dan Rockafellow