Lazy Susan Build 2020  Click on a picture for a larger view.

These 3 Lazy Susans were a fun build.  The walnut was harvested from trees.  Resawed then air dried in my shed then a year and a few months put to this use.  These pieces were the culls of the walnut.  Yet they came out very pretty.  I left some wood character in place.  Each of these are for gifts.  One to a Lady that has been helping her husband in Royal Ranger ministry for as long as I have known them over 20 years.  The other goes to one of our outpost moms for taking on a flag project. The last one goes to my daughter.  She loves this kind of stuff.

Clear Finish spray 3 coats last coat sanded

I harvested this walnut and the maple was given as a gift.

I left in some wood charecter

Rob helped me sort plan and joint the wood.

Maple under disks were over kill but it's a nice touch

I made a circle jig to cut the 6 disks. These were the cut offs.

On slats for finishing

All assembled ready for gifting