SW Division Royal Rangers Pow Wow and Regatta at Stockton Lake, Mutton Creek Camping area 2009.

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The last 4 weekly meetings were spent for the most part on the cardboard boat.  Then a little in-between time moving it along by the commanders the boat quickly took shape.  1st week was how big should it be?  We just starting adding over lapping sections until it was about 18 foot long 2 layers thick.  Then we closed in the front and the back and turned it over and put on a layer of brown construction paper with waterproof glue thinned by 50% with water.  Then we glued the paper on the sides and let it dry.  Commander applied Thompsons water sealer the next morning before work.   Next meeting turned it over and glued in the ribs and then added the top only 1 layer thick.  Then we cut 22" diameter holes and then glued brown paper over that.  A coat of latex paint made it all look good!  After that dried the last meeting before the race we added paper airplanes and landing strips of white paper on the black deck.  The brown paper covered the holes and the latex paint made the holes almost not visible. secret weapon this year...

Calls came in the last few days up to the Pow Wow with rib orders and dinner orders and participant numbers so we would be prepared as staff for a great event.  Friday morning at the Ranger Annex Commander Kirk had a crew of various ages cooking Ribs for a Outpost fundraiser and the Rib dinner for Pow Wow.  (Thank you Commander Kirk Watson)  by 10:00 am we had the stuff all loaded up and the boat hooked up and ready to go.  What am I forgetting was going through my mind..(even though my check off list was all completed with 60 some items already marked off as "READY". 

We headed for Stockton Lake Mutton Creek camping area.... I forgot the bug spray.  I forgot some pop!  We needed gas for the ski boat.  Commander Batchman go a phone call..errr while your passing through Willard can you stop at Price Cutter and get us some bug spray and pop..SURE!  Boat was also filled with gas and we were soon toping the hill looking at the cove full of beautiful water. 

The 9 guys in our group quickly unloaded the gear. Then we took the boat to the ramp and launched the ski boat.  Then back at camp it was decide it was in our best interests for the boys to go tubing and I got to setup for the event!  YA!  Sometimes the Lord blesses us with peace and quiet and other times we have a herd of helpers...  Soon they were off on a tuborama and other Rangers showed up from other outposts as we visited and all setup camp.  During that time a local fellow dropped by with a truck load of water melons.  He said there wasn't a bad one in the bunch. We bought 2 at a fair price and iced them down. Told him to come back when the Division of RR showed up for more sales of melons.

Around 5:30 pm the food wagon showed up and Commander Norm made some detailed decisions on where to park the gravy train wagon.  After some engineering skills he elected to for the other side of the trees and the hungry herd showed up to help setup.  After we had him unloaded he was well on his way to shoo us off so he could get things organized into some mighty fine eats. 

The group turned out to be 110.  He had figured on 103 plus so as in most cases..Norm had it nailed down right on the money.  After a great feast of ribs, seasons green beans, salad and dressing and baked potato and trimmings AND BUG JUICE..we went through the line two times and most of us just patted our little ole bellies (major stretch on that one) and sighed a deep breath of satisfaction on that great meal.  THANKS NORM.

At council fire time Commander Batchman gave the Council fire and we were all stirred on the logic and perfection that God had given Noah on the Ark.  Most outposts returned back to their camps and had a campfire going.  The sound of boys and laughter filled that place.  What a GREAT God we serve.   I crashed out under the stars on my cot and awoke the next morning early... 6:30. 

Link to the Devotion on Saturday.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w87G4S3oE18

Next morning the offer of camp coffee showed up.  "Thank you Jesus".  Then the big event was on.  Everyone excited about the days events.  District Commander Millhouser had arrived with his Fishing boat and he got to coordinate the judges of the race.  Each outpost was asked to submit one person to be a judge.  Then we drew from a hat 5 judges.  All morning long I went from camp to camp recruiting helpers for the race.  Timer, Computer Operator, 6 judging staff, pit line up crew, salvage crew, heath and safety, waterballon filling station operator, 1st landing observer, Race Announcer, Video Grapher, 2 Camera operators, Council fire person, 3 kayaks for safety patrol.  Bunches of folks doing things to make things happen.

At 10:00 am the event started with the captains and their mates being interview by Rick Barnhouse at each boat while the judges put their scores down for best design and team work points.  Then at about 10:30 Rob Batchman brought out the morning devotion just after we had a floating council fire on cardboard pontoons that one filled up with water but it still burnt almost all the way down.   Race directives were gone over and the race was on.

We had 16 boats race.  A few of them raced twice.  I think we had about 70 boys and girls in the boats racing.  We had a great time. 

At about Noon the horn blew for lunch as we were finishing our last 2 heats.  WE tallied scores as we ate our hotdogs,beans, cookies, salad and bug juice.  All the boys and girls and leaders that raced in the boats got a participant ribbon.  Then we handed out the Regatta plaques.  Click on the link for the scores. 

Scores Link Provided for information.  We make mistakes. If you find one please let me know so we can try and make it right.  Thanks for being a good sport.

After a short stop over to Norms house we off loaded the wet cardboard and then stowed the trailer and then quickly  we were cleaned up and back at Church by 4:30 pm.  I was thankful we all had a great time. We had a great group of sportsmanship folk and the weather was one of the best weekends I ever remember. 

Thank you Jesus for your goodness and blessings.  Thank  you Commanders and boys for all your help this year.  You are a blessing.

Mark Jones, Regatta Race Coordinator

p.s. The Video turned out great 1 hour and 10 minutes If you want a video of the regatta.  Send me a email and we will get you a copy and mail it to your house for $5.00  markjonesranger@hotmail.com

Even Better yet. If you have pictures to share send them to that email address and I will post them here as well.  THANKS!

James Gilpin also submitted some pictures at this link.


For the Glory of God.  We are Ready!