Greetings Frontiersmen,
Thanks for your participation at the 2009 Fall Trace. It was an awesome weekend to remember. I believe Jesus was there in a mighty way, and moved in men & boys lives at the Fri & Sat night council fire and also in the awesome church service we had at the Boss A/G church (those of you who had to leave early you really missed out, the Lord moved in a mighty way.)
I would like to say a special thanks to Doug Lout, Ray Reese, JR Winery, Max Towler, Ralph Davis, and all those who participated in running the events, Also I want to thank Dennis Faulkner, and Danny Chappell for all their hard work in setting everything up in the camp. With out them this event would have not been near as successful as it was.   
It was an honor and a privilege to have our speakers, Danny Kemp and Rick Dostal. I would also like to thank WW for his support and encouragement. He does an awesome job in running our chapter.
The rain fell, dampened our canvass and our clothes, but as usual it did not dampen the spirit of FCF that we have in our lives. Remember this was a rendezvous where we come together to be strengthened and encouraged. Just as the mountain man went to the wilderness to trap beavers for the prize hides we need to go to our work, our schools, our family's witness and reach souls with the spirit that God empowered us with.
May God Bless you richly,


Let me add my two bits worth - Sometimes the hard parts of the campout make it the most memorable. Like the "little shower that Simon Tanner referring to was a 12-hour 4-inch rain. Very awesome. We were packed under a couple of shelters for the last council fire. Two Forks' voice would boom out of the Wilderness Annex when the senior members voiced their approval. I for one was able to get more rest than I have in months getting to bed at before 10 both nights. The food was awesome. We feast on a whole hog, had venison tenderloins, dove wrapped in bacon, crawdads (fresh from the nearby stream), deep fried turkey breast, cobblers, and all the fixin's to do with these. The Buckskin candidates had to go around the camp scrounging for food for their final supper together. Wish I had known that earlier - next year I will try to have some "interesting" wild game to donate. They had to settle for wild turkey this time.

Anyway, like I said, sometimes the hard times make the event - Not so at this one. The Sunday morning service and dinner at Boss A/G were awesome! They really threw out the red carpet for us and God showed up for the occasion too! It was a good ole fashion Pentecostal service from the opening birthday offerings and singing of the traditional A/G Happy Birthday song to the third altar call. A young girl named Loren did a sign language song that really turned the service over on its head. Lots of singing and at about 12:10 when I thought, "Whew, that was fun!', pastor Paul Davis announces "now open your Bibles to..." Glad I had a good breakfast. Sunday school was great and the whole works. And what a spread they put out for dinner. I may be changin' churches!

Ted, Dennis and Danny really did a fine job setting up and hosting this outing. I have recommended we do every event there :-) Ted says NO.

OH ya, Prez Fred don't like camera flash.

Dark Horse


Chapter Scribes report following the pictures and a Outpost perspective at the end of the page.

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Greetings and Salutations to the Members of the Daniel Boone Chapter;


The valley just outside of Boss, MO was a beautiful place to see from the hilltop with all the lodges lined up against the tree line at the Fall Trace hosted by NE/SE Divisions.

Thank you Choctaw for all you and your team did to make this 2009 Fall Trace a huge success. The word is we had 78 registered members. We added some more Lifetime Members, and gave away some awesome prizes. And the young bucks that happened to be in the right place at the right time at the Saturday council fire service were blessed with the ‘extra plunder’ that was donated above the number or needed prizes!  

There were lots of trading, contests and all the other fun that is part of these events. Even some locals come out to visit us and see what we are all so excited about.

The “whole hog” feed (thanks to Doug Laut and Company) on Friday night was fantastic! We had excellent council fire services and morning devotion. A big thank you to the speakers for a job well done – you made the Word real and true to our hearts.

This was all around a great FCF Campout. (So who’s worrying about a little shower – we always come ready and we overcame the obstacle!)

I regret my outpost could not stay for the Boss AG service and dinner (we had to get our boys who are also members of the Youth Ministries home in time for the “See you at the Pole” rally in Springfield) but look forward to hearing how that last part of Choctaw’s plans turned out…no doubt it was just as good as the rest of the weekend!


It is my honor to introduce to you the newest Buckskin members of the Daniel Boone Chapter:


Jarod Gamblin                      Sasparilla                              Ironton AG

Jordon Myers                        Jeremiah                                Ironton AG

Jake Randolph                      Pick n’ Grin                           Ironton AG

Andrew Laut                         Sunshine                                Ironton AG

Lucas Randolph                    Lucky                                     Ironton AG

Thomas (Wes) Young           Crazy Bone                            Ironton AG

Hunter Campbell                 Sure Shot                               Park Crest Calvary Temple

Jason Franklin                      Black Buffalo                        Park Crest Calvary Temple

Derek Ruda                           Tenderheart                          Park Crest Calvary Temple

Laurance Brown                   Little Buffalo                        Park Crest Calvary Temple

Kaleb Breshears                   Red Foxx                                Bolivar

Steve Finley                          Cherokee Preacher              Central


And just as important are the newest Chapter Scout and Asst Scouts.

Chapter Scout           Jason Green

NW Asst Scout          John Davis

SW Asst Scout           Laurance Brown

NE Asst Scout           Jarod Gamblin

SE Asst Scout            (remains vacant)

(Scouts – contact me with your most current contact information.)


Thank you all for your commitment to boys who are able to “Keep” for Jesus through this great ministry of Royal Rangers and Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship.


Yr mo hmbl & obt svt,

Rick “Simon Tanner” Dostal

Daniel Boone Chapter Scribe




FCF Fall Trace at Boss, Missouri September, 2009. Friday, Sat and Sunday.

I heard these two sayings from the Boss FCF members many times from earlier in the year.  Leading up to this event I had worked 38 days with one day off in that time.  I so looked forward to this FCF Fall Trace. You know the Lord loves us.  He takes all things and works them for good.  While some of our FCF members labored for prizes and advancements and positions.  All good things...don't tell anyone but I got in some good sleep and a nap in while that rain just came down and washed us all off good just like Dark Horse did.  That part was a real blessing for me as well..
Now from a outpost perspective.
The week was spent wondering who was going and how they were getting there.  Wed. night was the cut off date.  As the Bible says let your yes be yes and your no be no.  We ended up with 4 men and 5 boys heading out for Boss.
Thursday brother Steve went shopping for the outpost and met us at the Ranger Annex where we were dragging FCF Gear out of the BIG HUGE RR Trailer and bringing it to the front door for the Friday load up.  Cooking, gear, tent, stakes, poles. ropes, Pots, Pans, spices, cups, plates. Cast Iron stuff.  Candle Lanterns, Candles, Rifles, Knives, Hawks.  Tools, crafts to make while there.  FCF clothing and a 100 other things that goes.  Brother Steve has started some Lantern Kits and due to his Buckskin Testing drawing nigh I picked up in the middle of his crafting on those candle lanterns and spent about 5 hours out in the shop just having a great time. 
Friday brought the ice chests and water coolers in and filled them with ice.  Folk showed up at the Annex and we started loading. Everyone had brought just about all they had and there was much doubt that we would get it all loaded.  Yet skillfully we were able to pack it all in.  We left Springfield about 1:45 pm and got to Boss at a hair before 5pm 
Down through the horse pasture down to the creek was home.  Everyone unloaded and we moved the van and trailer out of the way.  It was a busy hour or so and we had camp setup in good shape with a fire roaring.   There was firewood all around for those that brought a splitting mall or could borrow one.   After Spring outing we had a hard 2" rain or so.. so this time we brought a poly tarp and put it on the ground inside the tent about 3' back from each side.  Cots were setup around the sides of the marquee tent and those sleeping on the ground were in the middle of the marquee. 
About 7pm the horn blew and it was chow time.  We enjoyed some mighty fine Hog. beans, corn on the cob, bread and cobbler, gooseberry or raspberry IT WAS ALL GOOD!  Wow thank you!  Boys were scarfing down the food and you could hear them can we get more.. man this is good.  Yes there was plenty. 
About  8 pm or so we had our council fire service and the sectional presbyter preached a very good and anointed sermon down by the spring feed creek.  After some laying on of hands and prayer time we made our way back to camp.  The boys did the normal acting up and being boys around the fire.  Most of the men hit the sack and it wasn't  to late when the boys did as well.
Saturday kicked off with the sounds of bacon sizzling in the cast iron pans.  Eggs, pancakes.  It was just a great breakfast. 
The morning assembly was started with the District Scouts sermon to the membership.  The normal business meeting and scout elections were everybody nominates there buddies for the scout election and competitions and the Buckskin Applicants and events are laid out and signed up for.  
While many of the boys and men were busy in the competitions and the testing I stayed around camp and collected dues, event fees and updated contact info and when not busy doing that  was cooking beef fat rendering "candle tallow".  I got the fat from the butcher at the local grocery store for free and had that boiling and simmering for a couple hours.  Then lunch time rolled around and we had sandwiches, chips and easy stuff. Ice cold dill pickles.   Then in and out of registering 5 boys assembled cherry wood lanterns.  Mostly just sanding down some dowels for a dry fit and then gluing the parts together and adding glass and the top.  Then it started to rain so we brought the crafting inside.  I laid the bowl of rendered fat while it was cooling just under my cot at the end.  During this nice rain we glued and completed the lanterns. Well most of us did.  GRIN!  I laid down on the cot and enjoyed the rain pattering off of the tent.  A hour or so later I awoke from the boys laughing.  Some where in there they went outside during the rain and cooked bacon and were soaking wet.... I got up and found my thermos lying in the tub of rendering fat and the rest of the fat splattered all over my cot, my box and a roll of tape and well. It was just a nice mess.  So I sat the tub outside and let it rain and rain and rain.  The rain let up just in time to cook some pork steaks, fired potatoes and corn on the cob all being cooked on the fire. 
The Buckskin Ceremony and the evening Service was right at dusk and we welcomed the new Scouts and the new Buckskins all this was done while we huddled under two canvas awnings.   Simon Tanner brought the service to a close with a short series of devotions and prayers for many needs.  Back at the camps we pretty much just went into our tents and sat around and talked and those that wanted to hit the sack.  I think our boys were out by 10:30 pm.  (a Record - praise the Lord) It rained hard most of the night.  A trickle or two of rain came in but not enough to keep anyone awake.  I think two of the boys shared the same cot.  I don't think they slept that well but they made it up on the lost sleep on the bus ride home.  
A wet and soaked Sunday morning met us at day break.  You could hear the noises of camps being warmed up with wet firewood and the efforts put forth to ignite that wet wood.  It wasn't long before our continental breakfast was chowed down and we were breaking camp getting gear stowed and the trailer and bus loaded up.  Everything was packed up but the White Canvas Tent as it was really wet.  So we decided to leave it up and let it dry.  Praise the Lord we went to Boss AOG and took part in a Pentecostal Sunday school and Church service.  It warmed my heart to know that there are some churches that are blessed by the moving of the Holy Spirit with the evidences of speaking in tongues and folk still being slain in the spirit.  What a altar call and prayers going up.  My heart was warmed by the heart felt care and love these folk had for one another.  We sang for Birthdays and Anniversaries and well 12:00 noon was upon us in no time.  Pastor lead in a 30 minute sermon and the church put on a FEED now!  All kinds of goodies were there.  We stuffed ourselves and said thanks and slipped back to camp to a White Canvas Tent that was dry to my surprise!!!   It was down in record time and packed away and back towards home me went. 
Arriving at the Ranger Annex we unloaded it all. Swept out the church van gassed it up returned it back to it's spot and then seasoned the cast iron in the stove with oil and put the kitchen stuff in the dishwasher.  At 6:30pm  I was heading home.  I missed the  Sunday night Ranger Meeting but I remembered that one 53 hour Ranger event is worth several dozen hour long ranger meetings in value just as a missions trip brings folk together that have spent years attending the same church sitting in the same pews.  Something about going and working and doing things together brings folk past the "Hello, how are you?"   Meetings and Church are very important and we need to go on a regular basis that is for sure.   On the way home reflecting back. My son and I was talking about the Pentecostal service.  He hasn't been exposed to a real Pentecostal move in a church service.  We have lost some things along the modern, Big church, talent, Big Screen, Loud Speakers way. "That still small voice", wow I heard that voice again at Boss.  Right now my eyes tear up for those days to return to Springfield.    My son thinks I am just getting to be old fashioned.   Me I just want the fire to fall on all of us and baptize everyone.   Then we will see the Power and the Shouting and the excitement we once had again.   
Mark Jones
p.s. All that rendering beef fat that was splattered all over my stuff.  A Commander fessed up to it. So I cleaned it up quietly  and NEXT time I will be "READY" for that commander coming into the tent while it's raining.. It could have happened to anyone..   I will just move the Fat Rendering pan over under His Cot...GRIN!    Har!  Snort.  (really I will just figure out a new method to this madness of tallow making)  I had nice and wet tallow after a night of rain. Did you know that most of the soap you buy is Rendered Beef Fat.  ooooooooooeeee!       Its all good and then it even gets better.