YOU MUST PRIME THE FOAM WITH A SEALER OF ACRYLIC LATEX PAINT as spray paints will dissolve this material. 

The unit works great.  No fumes with 4 folks painting.  The Jenn air small squirrel cage fan worked perfectly.  Just enough to pull the fumes.

This is my finished cutting measurements.  02-26-2013

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12 x 12 filter Prime the foam with Acrylic Latex Paint

4 people can paint

Front View wide angle view

Side top view

Other End side top view

4" DWV in back

fumes go outside

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Click on a picture for a larger view.

Ranger Derby some how some way draws me to think of new ways to make things better.  I like things light as I am the one that brings these things...(A mixed blessing for sure..grin) So I have looked all over the place for a paint booth and nothing is to be found for less than 15,000 dollars (commercial units).  I did find some single paint hobby stations for about 100.00 each that would vent outside but that was over my budget.   So on my budget of 150.00 dollars this is what I am looking at building.  The paint booth will handle 4 people painting at the same time.  The unit is 2'1"x2'x8' long. It will go through a inside door and is made out of blue 1/2" foam board 4x8 sheet kind. 3 sheets.   After removing the thin film from the sheets.  Layout the rib locations on the top and bottom (use a sharpie marker).  The drawing is for the bottom sheet.  The top sheet is longer so the angle will be different but the layout points on each side of are the same as the bottom sheet. (I cut out some 1/2" plywood strips to aid in layout  12", 30" long,)  Using the cut 1/2" 1" x 24"  foam rib support strip lay it along the layout line and then wet one side with a damp cloth with water.  PUT ON LATEX GLOVES GLUE WON'T COME OFF SKIN FOR DAYS!   Then use Gorilla Glue for foam spreading using the S pattern.  Then quickly apply hot glue and hold it in place for 30 seconds is then tacked it in place.  The hot glue will hold it in place while the Gorilla Glue hardens in 4 hours.  The Gorilla glue will expand so watch out it could fill in the space slots where the ribs go. All the ribs on each side are supported by the 1/2" x 1" x 24 rib support strips.  Piping will be 4" DWV using 3 tee's and two elbows and 1 ten foot piece of pipe.  If your exhaust run is over 15 feet run a ground wire spiraling around the pipe and ground it to the dust collector fan.  An external  Jenn Air Stove fan is used pull the air (CFM - 300 to 500 I can't find the exact number for this fan).  Most any squirrel cage fan will push the fumes to vent outside but don't use too big of a motor as it will suck all the heat right out of the building.  (motor should not be in the air stream)

Drill the 4" holes with a hole saw place a 3" piece of pipe in the holes and glue in with Gorilla glue using the same method as above. Put on the elbow and tees and DWV piping. 

This unit will be stored up in a attic where temps will get hot.  So the gorilla glue is a must.  I have seen other adhesives let go in hot storage places.

We do Ranger Derby Crafting lockin's and Work days and the fumes are always the worst part of it.  This unit will be moved around from Church to Church and from the attic when needed.  So it is light and easy to move.  Don't lay it on the ground...boys will tromp over it.  (Keep extra Gorilla Glue around for those times..GRIN)  ANY IDEAS?  ANY QUESTIONS?  Your ideas and questions will help me to make a better product and will post the finished  project back here also any updates.  If things don't work the first time modify it.

YOU MUST PRIME THE FOAM WITH A SEALER OF ACRYLIC LATEX PAINT as spray paints will dissolve this material. 

Mark Jones