185 Walnut Crosses.  Started from a walnut tree that was blown over on Missions Headquarters.  The tree was cut up by a Royal Ranger Leader who called me and asked if I wanted a log or two.  I brought home these 4.  I used a chainsaw to rip them down the middle. Then used a 12" bandsaw to resaw them into very crooked boards.  I then went out and bought a 17" Grizzly Bandsaw.  I used  the bandsaw and jointer to get the boards down to 5/8" thick square and the final thickness was done on the planer. I found using a shooter board was a major improvement with the small pieces as they wanted to chatter in the planer.  Making the shooter board and using wedges made good quality work on both the short and long pieces.

The whole project start to finish was about 20 hours.  These crosses were cut from the CANT (the waste side of the log when your squaring the log for a board this is the round bark side)  Special thanks to Rob Batchman for helping with the final fit sanding and finish and lanyard work.  These crosses will be given as a momento of attending a BIG Bat Cave Campout where the boys and leaders come and camp over night in a cave in February.  These boys face the fear of the unknown and they will hear a devotion that can change their life in the back of that cave.  Heaven is a real place.  Hell is a real place.  What we say and do in this world can make a eternal difference in the lives of many people.  Jesus did woodworking and He did a finished work on the Cross.  In that work we have eternal rewards.

Wind Storm provided Walnut Logs from Missions HQ

Resawed on a 12" Delta Bandsaw Small crooked boards

Took the Cant and cut out the small useable walnut

Various Lengths

At a 12" long these would be difficult to work

17" Grizzly made fast work of ripping the boards to 5/8 square

Made a Dado Jig to put 1/2 Lap joints in pieces as short as 1.5" long

Each edge was jointed after sawing on the bandsaw

When I was down to the last unplaned edge I used the Planer.

The Dado Jig with the last glue up.

I used a shooter board to allow me to wedge my small pieces 12" 1/2" shy stock into the planer

The shooter board kept the snipe down and the 2 wedges kept the small 1/2" x 1/2" boards in place for planeing

Used the pump tables for aux outfeed tables

Used CA glue and yellow glue to glue on the 1/4" plywood guides

185 crosses was 6 hours of ripping - jointing - planer and half lap work.

CA glue was nice for quick jig assembly

Small 1/2" walnut boards are tricky to joint. SAFETY!

Close up of the shooter board and they plywood guides See the wedges on the right side of the boards.

Setting up the dado cut in the sled

Wow! 400 pieces of walnut with half lap joints let the cullying begin.

Hold down board allows me to hold down 15 boards at a time the board slots fit over the front and back of the dado jig.

That block on the back is a finger safety device.

Installing miter slot runner

Drilling out the Lanyard hole

Beveled boards and sawdust shoot keep the sawdust from messing things up.

Down to 200 holes to drill.

Ready for final sanding and fit.

6 more hours of sanding and fitting.

Small shop close corners always moving stuff in and out on wheels

New belt cut the work time by 1/3

Laying out the fitted crosses on the big resaw sled using it as a table

Did I mention it took 6 hours of sanding and fitting

After the top was full of fitted crosses I glued them and put them in a bag

Will I ever get through all of these

Gluing them up. Warmer inside on February 6th

A bag full of 185 walnut crosses with no lanyards

185 crosses. Yup 2 cans of clear gloss and 2 coats.

Errr....um.... we put to many on this wire.


Ok 3 waxed strings and one wire all 185 at a time.

Spacing them out for a good spray coat

Good friends helping out.

Wow this is a bunch of Crosses

These turned out very nice.

Laynard time. 185 pieces of RED yarn.

Used a wire and formed a hook to snag the yarn and pull it through. 185 times then wrapped the yarn around the cross.

2 hours of lanyard work

These came out nice

185 walnut crosses with lanyards ready for the BIG BAT CAVE!