So. MO District Royal Rangers Backpacking Action Camp (BAC) Report and pictures.

June 20th Thursday from 10:00 am through, 21st and Saturday 22nd noon, 2019  A perfect weather event.  High of 93 and a low of 75. No rain!

We had 16 on this trip with 4 vehicles in route. 9 boys and 7 men.   Want to once again express thanks for the donation of fuel and travel expenses to make this trip as affordable as possible.  We were able to keep the expenses for this District camp to 35.00 per person..  Each of the people going received a neat wicking black RR tshirt that  many realized the difference in gear that made a difference in comfortable.  Each boy and man were given a BAC patch and some great memories to take home with them.  Each boy did the requirements for the Green Backpacking Merit and knocked out the create a orienteering course requirement for the Orienteering Merit.  The Orienteering Course they made up.   We backpacked and hiked 12 miles of trail.

This event was a bring your own, cook your own or go hungry event.  This puts the boy in the middle of his event.  He has to plan and prepare and follow through on all of it or his experience will teach him to do so the next time.  This trip I was very pleased to see the group took the information given and we had the best time this year.  They did a outstanding job in prep and follow through.  We think next time we will trap the racoons and watch as Rob Batchman turns them loose...GRIN!  The tube float down the Buffalo River was a grand fun time and bringing these on the backpack gave us some fun enjoyment in and out of the water.  The boys and several dads enjoyed some quality father son time and with their help they made this event the best of the best.  Picture is worth a 1000 words.  Gospel was lived out and preached at council fires and morning devotions.  I am thankful we serve a God who is our Lord and King and our best friend!  He goes with us.  He looks after us and He blesses us!  Wow Ranger Ministry is the BEST!

Click on a picture for a larger view.  Special thanks to Rob Batchman and Mark Jones for sharing the pictures with us.  Zip file of all these pictures.

BAC 2019 at Kyles Landing Trail Head OBRT