Click on a picture for a larger shot.  Springfield North and South Sections put on a fun race from 10:00 am to noon.  Close to one 80 cars make the race a lot of fun.

Springfield South Section Ranger Derby was held along with the North Section at Ozark AOG in Ozark, MO on March 7th, 2015.
Ozark handled the Concessions and profit was going to help pay for a missions trip. Rob Batchman gave an excellent message and the majority of the boys and girls responded by raising their hand to follow Jesus. David Jenkins handled the meet the pastor booth and shared the gospel to all that wanted to get a ticket to shoot the dart gun.

Dan Rockafellow



After they talk with Pastor they get to shoot the dart gun

Nice wooden tracks and Supertimer Software

Staging Light starts the race

Race Announcer hard at it.

Lots of fun and lots of work

Young men help out

Great decorations

12,000 picture slide show

Concessions for Missions Trip

Tallying Judging and getting it all right

Race Software can be fun!

Race Announcers have fun and sleep good at night.

These two ladies just wanted to beat the man in the family

Sight and Sound Whale Car out front of the race