October 7th and 8th, 2011  22 Royal Rangers head out to the Erbie Trailhead near Compton Arkansas. 

Pictures at end of report!

The weather was perfect.  Highs in the low 80's and lows in the upper 55 degrees.   The moon was out and it was a bright night perfect

for backpacking.  Four vehicles left Ozark, Missouri at 5:45 pm and were at the trail head by 7:45 pm.  GPS was the guide and we had a small delay as we came in a different road this time and we also came to a fork in the road the GPS said was straight on... Nada!  So after a few minutes we figured it out and were on our way.  Last time I had carefully planed the trip and drove right up to it... this time....Awwah I know where it's at...in the dark gravel unmarked roads of Arkansas... uh, huh...  Lesson learned.

At the trail head we unloaded and put on our packs. As always with Royal Rangers you will have new boys that have never backpacked or think they can out think the plan...GRIN!  So there is always that last minute repack..oh I need my sleeping bag or tent and of course the boy that comes with no flash light.... errr um... BRING EXTRAS!

We hiked in about a 1.2 miles and picked base camp.  Here is the topo and trail we took with points of interests marked.

We setup camp in the cane and small trees and brush and made home where we found it.  We were spread out over about 300 feet with lots of room.

Campfire was already going and I never even had to drag up a stick or throw wood on the fire. These guys were on fire patrol and we had plenty of good firewood all around.  We were along the Cecil Creek and a pools of water were about 100 feet down stream from our basecamp so we filtered water from there and other places along the trail.  Water is a serious thing and it must be planned for.  10 pm we had the council fire with Beaver Dam jokes and the Lady with all the bumper stickers that was arrested for stealing a Christians Car...   Then the council fire was about 2 things.

Salvation and what it takes to be saved.

A more than overcoming life. 

Both are not by works.  Both are only by the Grace of God by what Jesus did at Calvary.  It's a act of FAITH.  We must believe in God and what Jesus did at the Cross.  It really is that simple.  Man since day one has always tried to do it his own way.  Yet God's plan is one plan.  Cain brought a sacrifice but it wasn't what God had required.  Only what God requires is what will due.  We can have salvation and sanctification by what Jesus there did.  We must remain in what God requires.  Simple faith in Jesus and Him crucified.   We prayed for needs and the boys were instructed to stay close to camp.  By 11:30 pm it was pretty quiet and I dozed off to sleep.

Saturday morning at 7:00 pm I could near my neighbors talking.  So it was time to get up and have breakfast.  The usual camping humor around the fire and all  the cooking and folks trying different things is always for me the highlight of the campout.  I love sitting on the ground cooking breakfast. It's fun.

9:00 am we headed out from base camp leaving our tents up and headed out for Thundering Canyon Falls and to explore some new trail and look for fitton cave.  I had not marked it with my GPS so we got close but never left the trail for a bush wack to find the cave entrance. We found 2 other caves and all the guys enjoyed Thundering Canyon Falls even at trickle state. 

We had a great day of hiking, bouldering, firecraft, camping, cooking, scouting, water filtering and then headed back towards the trail head where a case of ice cold pop was in a cooler.  I also had 5 gallons of water in a cooler as a backup and several drank a few cups of that.  McDonalds was the stop back and then on to home.  I got home at 8:00 pm after dropping off the outpost trailer and folks in Springfield.  It was a great time. 

Click on a picture to get a larger view.  A Gopro and  a ATC9K Camera took these pictures and video.

Video on Youtube 7 minutes of some shots.