SWD Ranger Derby 2018 at Nixa AOG.  We had 87 cars racing on two tracks.  Nice quick day of racing.  Started at 9:00 am with Registration and was heading home at 1pm.   Zip file of all these pictures.  Click on a picture for a larger view.  Video of Races done by one of the media folk at Dayspring Church


Gary Crites from Nixa AOG was our hosting church and Gary was our morning speaker.  Thanks Gary and Nixa.  Also notice that the concessions went to help start missions Royal  Ranger outpost in another part of the world.  Pretty cool stuff going on up front and even behind the scenes.  

Lots of trophies and ribbons were given out.  Lot's of smiles and frowns as to be expected in this competitive race.  The four sections of the SWD get to come together a few times each year.  Ranger Derby, Regatta and Ranger Kids Day Camp as well as in our FCF at Winter Outing.  It's really good to get  to see our friends from across the state of Missouri come and take part in these events.  Rangers brings the church membership outside the walls of the church and encourages us to work together in servant leadership.  There is something really cool about going out and helping your neighboring church build up their folk  in Christ.  It's God honoring and it works.   It's sad to see but it does happen where a church or outpost gets so inwardly focused it looses ground in the mission of God.  I have seen it so many times.  We can't out give God.  Like our earthly fathers when they see us doing something good they just want to reward us over and above even more.  Each one of us and each church is a work in progress.  Blessings to our Lord and King Jesus.

So many contributions by folks.  Wanted to say special thanks to Gary Rowe and the Oak Grove team with Special Forces for all the great help they did on this event.  Setup the track do you know the Oak Grove track has been running Section and Division Races since 1997.  I don't know of a year they missed that is OUTSTANDING!  21 years of hauling track to 2 different events and setting it up and running it and maintaining it.  Wow!  Blessings! 

Grace Community and team brought their track and Justin and Richard handled the racing and announcing as always First Class. It was fun working with them this year.  Kelly Michael brought a special emphasis on getting the folks grouped for pictures and folks faithful.  All these folk are such a God send.  Just willing to do what ever it takes to get the job done and make it special for others.  Dan Rockafellow the Springfield South Section Commander has a eye for pictures.  He should have he does it professionally.  I added in a few but the really good shots are Dan's!   Thanks so much for doing this!

The pit crews and race managers did a great job.  The races just ran so smooth and quick.  Good job folk!  Dayspring had some really cool video views going will get those posted soon. 

Ray may have a report for us and will put it here when if comes in.

Ray Reece our SWD Commander and Gary Crites Speaker

Car Design Judges

Dan Rockafellow Picture Contributor

Pat Davis is the top Trappers Point Earning Worker!

A great heat crew makes racing fast and fun!