12-17-2005 Evangel Temple at "The Barn" in Springfield Missouri.  47 Rangers gather to learn about the patrol system and enjoy a Light For The Lost banquet breakfast. 

The lockin began at 7pm with a quick registration and then right into BASIC DTC a  "NEW"  Royal Ranger training CD that each outpost receives upon chartering.  This 9 session course explains the patrol system and the various jobs of the patrol.  Along the way the methods are practiced and the training includes live video, power point and instructor lead and hands on training. 

We spent a little extra time on the patrol flags and found the boys really excited to create a patrol standard.  At around 10:00 pm Darth Vader showed up as Rob Batchman delivered a neat council fire with included sound effects on decisions we make in this life.  After council fire the boys were given the option of playing carpet ball, dart shooting, foose ball or working on their patrol flags.  Give boys a choice and guess what they will choose to play!!  Some how the heat got turned down to about 50 degrees and as the temps dropped the boys settled down in the bottom of their sleeping bags to stay warm and go to sleep... years past it seems the thermostat master learned that if it didn't get cool in there the boys would be up all night playing army games.... a lesson well learned.

Then at 6am on Saturday morning someone blew the bugle and scared everyone out of their sleep.  A light for the lost banquet was had with sausage, pancakes, cereal, peaches, milk and juice and coffee.  Boys listen and ate while the LFTL Video was presented and then we had two guests speakers. One a LFTL Councilman and another a Missionary from Africa with a real live African there to touch and talk to. 

We then jumped right into the remaining sessions of the BASIC DTC and at 11:00 am passed out certificates and patches and cleaned up The BARN!  We had a great time and wanted to thank all the boys and leaders for a great time of fellowship and fun.

Don't these guys look great!  I think we have 7 outposts represented.  GREAT JOB!