2011 Southern Missouri Daniel Boone Chapter Frontier Adventure

June 24th - 26th Friday - Sunday morning.  43 applicants applying for FCF Membership. The weather was good with a little rain and thunderstorms  on Saturday.  The Frontier Adventure started Friday night with the applicants holding up at the Pavilion doing work on the campground.  Then just before dark they haul their gear down through the woods and run across a band of robbers that take their grub stake..... and the adventure begins. 

Lot's of fun. Lot's of hands on instruction and skills being taught.  Men teaching men the Frontier methods of survival.  It's white canvas tent camping and cooking around fires with dutch ovens and cast iron skillets.  Yum!  So much to tell. You my friend should join our Chapter and come see for yourself.  It's a hoot of a great time and fellowship.

 Special thanks to Robert Wenneker for the pictures.  Click on a picture for a larger view.